If a Father Dies in a War Their Kids Will Hate You - Many say that the United States should not go to war with nations such as Iraq, Iran or North Korea because it fosters another generational cycle of hate and thus more wars.

Learn to Say No with Words and Body Language Dating Advice for Women - When you start meeting men, sooner or later you will find yourself in that uncomfortable position where you have to say "No.

Always Remember Calang - Floyd Cowan visited Calang in Aceh one year after the tsunami wreaked havoc on the small fishing village where he saw how a medical clinic set up and funded by Rolls-Royce and HSBC has helped the people as they struggle to recover.

How to Choose a First Date Movie - If you have ever gone to the movies on a date you know that choosing a movie can be very difficult.

The Key To Achieving Success Trusting Yourself - Perhaps one of the biggest emotional stumbling blocks to success is one's inability to have complete trust in themselves.

Committed Relationships Use Them to Grow Towards SelfUnderstanding and True Love - Society generally considers that relationships owe us happiness and bliss ever after.

Convicted Soldier in Guard Dog Abuse Iraq Prison Scandal - It is amazing to me that the United States of America would convict a soldier for using a dog to scare a prisoner into submission and inciting fear in order to make him talk? What happened to military interrogation to learn enemy secrets? Personal.

What To Take With You On A Date - If you are going on a date there are a few things that you will definitely want to take with you.

WalMart Takes on Wall Street - Whether people like or hate Wal-mart, the large retail chain store, there is one thing they do agree on.

Can We Not Learn From Other People - Throw the first stone he who hasn't made a mistake.

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