Learn to Say No with Words and Body Language Dating Advice for Women

When you start meeting men, sooner or later you will find yourself in that uncomfortable position where you have to say "No." No to a goodnight kiss, a second date, a telephone number or any of a number of other possibilities. One thing that can really help alleviate some of the awkwardness is to be prepared with exit lines. Figure out what to say before you even get there to give yourself a feeling of greater control about the situation.The second part of saying "No" focuses on your tone of voice, facial expression and body language.

Confidence is not only conveyed by your words, but even more through non-verbal communication. You've heard the classic line, "Your lips say no, but your body says yes." Well, there's a lot of truth to that old cliché.

Here are a few tips to help you align your body movements with your words to be clear that you really mean what you say.

  • Look him in the eye if you can. Looking away or down at the floor can indicate your discomfort with turning him down. It can also be interpreted as flirting which won't help your cause.
  • Cross your arms, since that is clear body language that you are closed off and no longer open to him or his advances.

  • Watch your tone of voice. When you say "No thank you" let your voice end on a down tone. Many women have a tendency to end on an up note that can point to insecurity or lack of conviction. The up note ending is usually associated with asking a question or getting permission.
  • Stand up while you are saying "No" or after you finish your statement. That will often end the discussion, indicates that you are finished and there is no point to continuing.

  • Extend your arm to shake his hand goodbye. This signifies that you have completed your communication and are ready to leave. Be sure not to linger, but say your goodbyes and then walk away.Rejection is an integral part of dating that cannot be escaped. You will experience getting rejected as well as dishing it out. Discernment and your ability to choose who is right for you is a critical element for finding the love you want with an appropriate partner.

    The better you are at handling rejection and declining offers, the easier the entire courtship process will be for you.While on my own dating campaign, my number one rule was to be kind whenever possible. I wanted to interact with men the same way that I wanted to be treated by them. Since I hoped to be treated with kindness and respect, I held myself to the same standard. We get back what we put out into the Universe, so this felt like the right policy for me and was the foundation of my own dating protocol.

    Decide what feels right to you and follow that standard. It will help you be clear on your course of action and how you want to react to the numerous opportunities that will be coming your way.

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    By: Ronnie Ann Ryan


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