Warrior Success A Ninja Warrior Does Not Believe in Luck Not Even on St Patricks Day - The philosophy which serves as the foundation for the art of ninjutsu stretches back over 2,500 years of human history and half way around the world from here.

Lessons From Nature The Art of Flying - Along time ago I heard this story.

Tips on How to Deal With Chronic Stress - The constant pressure of anxiety is the feeling of not being in control of your environment.

What is Forgiveness and Why Should You Care Part - Webster?s New World Dictionary definition of the word forgive is ?to give up resentment against or the desire to punish; stop being angry with; pardon.

Then They Came For Me - In 1945 a man named Martin Niemoller wrote the following poem.

Stop Whining Speak - Emotions can be really difficult to change, especially the negative ones.

Sex and GossipThe Death of Network News - How much real news does ?the most informed public in the world? get from network newscasts? That sex sells and money talks pre-dates the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Strategies that will help you to make a Balance between your Career and Marriage - The art of making a balance between career and spouse is a problem that almost everyone faces in every country.

How to Improve Dream Recall Using Body Mind and Spirit - Recalling your dreams has many benefits.

Never Surrender Your Dream To Noisy Negatives - Nobody can ever make you feel average without your permission.

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