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Emotions can be really difficult to change, especially the negative ones. I am sure you can relate to this. Ever been so provoked by someone that you've felt yourself boiling with rage inside? Or so hurt that you've felt your heart would literally break?.How do you respond in situations like that? Are you guilty of reacting in a way that you've regretted later? I have done so in the past, but now I know better.Here's what I've found to work in your favour in such situations. Always remember that you can choose how to respond to anything that happens to you.

That means you can choose which emotion you will experience at any given time.The question that then arises is 'sure I can choose, but how exactly do I change how I feel?'.There are several ways, but this article will focus on just one.

If you want to change how you feel, say something different to the way you feel at the time. Say it out loud.It's simple but very very powerful.

If you want to master this skill, be committed to repeating it until it becomes a habit.Here's how it works. You're in a situation where, for whatever reason, you feel negative.

You already know (from what you've learnt right here at 'Days of Success') that the way you feel depends on the thoughts you're habouring at any given time. Well it just so happens that saying something forces you to think about it.So, if you want to change how you feel, say something that's directly opposite to your current emotional state. If you feel angry towards someone, say 'I love ---, regardless of what they do or say'.

I guarantee you that you won't stay angry with that person for long if you say that several times (this works superbly in a long-term relationship, but also works great with your other relationships). Another powerful affirmation to say in similar situations is 'I choose to forgive ---. I choose to let go of any negative feelings that are trying to pollute my mind'.Such confessions put you in a position of power and control.

Remember that anger, hate, hurt and so on are negative emotions which drain you and cause you to release vibrations that attract things and circumstances of equally negative energy. You do not want to let such emotions linger. In the Bible it says, 'Do not let the sun set on your anger. Settle every issue at once.' That is solid advice, and it keeps your mind free from destructive emotions, thoughts and attitudes.You can even apply this in a 'preventive' way.

When you wake up each morning, decide in advance that you won't let anything get to you that day. Remind yourself that 'I am in control of my emotions and I am happy, loving, forgiving and peaceful today, no matter what happens.'.One of the writings on the scrolls in 'The Greatest Salesman In The World', says that you should go about with an attitude of love in your heart every day. It says that when you see someone, say in your heart 'I love you'. Just send thoughts of love towards that person.

It doesn't matter whether you know them or not. We are all part of one whole, after all. But that's another discussion.

Sending out thoughts of love will guarantee that you get multiples of similar thoughts and vibes coming your way in more ways than one. Try that one next time your boss (or co-worker) does something that would normally 'get on your nerve'.Exercise your control over your emotions. That is what your will power is for, remember.

It's there to help you control your thoughts, words and actions, but mostly your thoughts and words. So work out those 'control muscles', and they will get stronger and more efficient. Pretty soon it will be second nature for you to respond positively to all sorts of stimuli.

You will literally experience a 'natural high' from your new-found personal power. That is a desirable state to be in, don't you agree?.This principle helps some patients suffering from depression too. Once they grasp the concept of personal control and power, they become able to rise above everything that's happening around them and choose the emotions they wish to feel. They then back up their choice with appropriate action - which we will find out about in a later article.

.Dr Kem Thompson is a Success Coach, Speaker, Author. She can help you achieve better results at work, business, play, spiritual or in your social life.For resources you can use today to create a better life, sign up for her FREE ezine (and get a thank-you gift)- 'Days of Success' by submitting the form at http://www.successeminars.


By: Dr Kem Thompson


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