Can We Not Learn From Other People

Throw the first stone he who hasn't made a mistake. It is a prerogative of life to teach us through our mistakes, a fact that is really unfortunate, as we would be much better off if we learnt from the mistakes of others. Here are some conjectures.Wouldn't it be great if we could just not repeat the very same mistakes that most of our elders have made and hence, grow up much more rapidly and then make brand new mistakes so others would learn from us and grow up even more rapidly? How advanced we would be!.But no, here we are, teaching our children and friends what NOT to do, only no one listens to us, as we practically never listen to anyone either.

Why is that? We don't listen and invariably we screw up. Though most of them are light, some mistakes carry huge consequences.How many times did your parents teach you something that came in the one ear at the same speed that it went out the other? Why do our children do the same? And so do we?.Example: Your child decides to jump off a tree near a spiky branch lying around.

You see the danger, you yell "Don't jump!" and he does it anyway. He stumbles and nearly loses an eye when the branch hits his face.Question: Has your child learnt to listen to you or as has your child learnt not to jump so close to another branch?.Consequence: None, but potentially serious.

Example: You see your teen backing up and driving faster than it would be safe on a parking lot. You repeat over and over: "Careful, don't go so fast. This is a parking lot and you may hit cars and, God forbid, people!" She keeps ignoring you until she nearly hits a car or nearly runs over a pedestrian.Question: Has you child learnt to listen to you or has your child learnt to slow down in the parking lot?.

Consequence: None, but potentially serious.Example: Your parents know that you tent to drink alcohol and while taking drugs (soft or hard). They say "This is very dangerous.

Stop doing it" But you ignore them and do it anyway. So one of the times you mix the two you feel very bad and among other things you nearly lose your consciousness.Question: Have you learnt to listen to your parents or have your learnt not to mix drinks and drugs?.Consequence: None, but potentially serious.

How many of potentially serious consequences have we faced throughout our life? What if they indeed come to pass? Why can't we just accept the fact that the experiences lived by others are a great tool for our maturity and therefore we must pay attention? You tell me!.But I tell you? Next time someone gives you an advice, think twice before ignoring it. At least, if the consequences of your actions are not severe, you don't have to hear: "I told you so!".

. Maria Moratto 2006
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By: Maria Moratto


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