If a Father Dies in a War Their Kids Will Hate You

Many say that the United States should not go to war with nations such as Iraq, Iran or North Korea because it fosters another generational cycle of hate and thus more wars. This is a good philosophical argument indeed. Wars should not be the first choice in human political conflict or culture clashes. However we should also not go out of our way to try to win the hearts and minds of people who hate us and want to kill Americans either.

If someone gets killed in a war with my country I want the family of the fallen to fear that they too may be killed so they do not try to kill my family. It seems in the Middle East there is a rogue element, which thinks they want to kill my American family. I would rather not have my family killed and therefore am willing to kill those who wish to kill my family first with pre-emption to protect my American Family. So, those who hate should be forewarned that the threat of International Terrorism in my country, makes me more willing to kill all those who hate my American family first. All of them you see?.Maybe you are not understanding my position here.

You see I care about my American family; my country was attacked by people who hate me, who I have never met. I therefore wish to guard against anyone who hates me and am willing to make certain it does not happen again no matter what the consequence to the other side.No matter what, I no longer care to try to please the other side which hates, they will not listen and therefore pre-emption is the right thing to do to guarantee I survive with all my family first, no matter what you see? Maybe you do not understand what I am saying; You see, I no longer care to be nice after being attacked.

I only care about protecting my American Family completely no matter what. No matter what I have to do to protect them, I am willing; no matter how many on the other side die. I am not concerned anymore. I was, now I am not. This is not about emotion or feeling this is about protection of my American Family over all else! Dear American hater, please know this and act accordingly.

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By: Lance Winslow


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