Convicted Soldier in Guard Dog Abuse Iraq Prison Scandal

It is amazing to me that the United States of America would convict a soldier for using a dog to scare a prisoner into submission and inciting fear in order to make him talk? What happened to military interrogation to learn enemy secrets? Personally you know what I think of all this?.I consider the convicted soldier a hero to my country and I would give him a job when he gets out. We bow too much to the media and political polls in this nation. War is hell and it is when you bring hell to your enemy.

Anything you can do to get it over with and kill their will to fight, you need to bring it on. No games, no screwing around. You do what works to win. Too many weak minded, liberal people out there do not get it. We are fighting a sick ideal and that enemy wants you to die. They will blow you up at work, on a plane, in a bus or on a train, Sam I am.

We must not allow political correctness or World Media to dictate our policy in supporting our troops we send to do a job for us in the United States Military. It is appalling for us to turn our backs on the men and women in uniform that serve our nation. We as a country need to stand up and tell our government that we support our troops and our military guard dogs too.

Consider that you brat.

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By: Lance Winslow


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