Liberty Freedom and Democracy is on the March - As time goes on you watch the development of human civilizations, we find that one form of government stands above them all and that form of government is democracy; a system of government, which is ruled by the people themselves; for the people a.

Social Security Trust Fund Runs Out in - The future of Social Security is a dead end and United States Government has mismanaged Social Security to the point of absurdity.

The Worlds Biggest Jerk - I?ve just watched another episode of ?Dr.

The Law of Attraction More Than Goal Setting and Affirmations Alone - Did you know that every thought that we think creates a vibration? Negative thoughts create negative feelings that lead to low frequency vibrations, whereas positive thoughts create positive feelings that produce high frequency vibrations.

Simple Tips To Make Lifes Road a Little Less Bumpy - Have you ever experienced the same thing several times and had the thought "Well, it happened again?" Since I have been a small business coach and educational consultant, I have this thought at least weekly and sometimes even daily.

Ten Tips for Attracting Abundance - Do you always find yourself feeling limited financially? This brief article will help you to open to a new level of abundance by changing your thoughts, beliefs and feelings about money.

Read Minds Using Simple Techniques - I hope you won't be too disappointed when I tell you that you'll never read minds like Mel Gibson in "What Women Want.

Are You Made For Each Other - The couple was walking on the sidewalk.

The Reality of Attraction and Dating In a Post Modern Society - Many men today are confused as to how to attract and deal with women.

Druids and Sex What Can We Learn From Them - The druids were extremely sexual and uninhibited.

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