Social Security Trust Fund Runs Out in

The future of Social Security is a dead end and United States Government has mismanaged Social Security to the point of absurdity. If you are within 23 years of retirement you can forget Social Security because you are not going to get a penny unless the entire system is fixed and it would have to be fixed quickly due to this ever increasing dead-end street.The politicians are so busy pandering to special interest groups and retired folks that they are afraid they will lose favor and not be reelected if they say one word against Social Security.

The biggest point made by the outgoing Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan before leaving his post for retirement was; we need to do something right now about Social Security. And the President of the United States set forth a plan to fix Social Security, but it never got off the ground because too many politicians were to afraid to address the issue.But this is nothing new and Washington D.C. as we also see the legal immigration issue where lawmakers are so afraid to touch a hot potato that they go on vacation without producing a single relevant new policy to fix United States of America's illegal immigration problem.

But it is not just now, for the last three decades nothing significant has been done with the legal immigration and the problem now is so severe that it is impossible for us even to enforce our current laws and deport the over 24 million illegal aliens currently our country.If our elected representatives and United States Senate and United States Congress cannot come to terms with enforcing our laws and serving the we all of the American people then they are no longer needed in all should be voted out of office as soon as possible and that my friends would be the best for all concerned. That goes for illegal immigration, social security and any other pressing issue of our present period, because if we do not fix such things there will be no worthy future period in the US for our children. Please consider this in 2006.

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