Ten Tips for Attracting Abundance

Do you always find yourself feeling limited financially? This brief article will help you to open to a new level of abundance by changing your thoughts, beliefs and feelings about money.1. Use the Law of Attraction. Focus your feelings and thoughts on what you want, NOT what you don't want! We are magnetic beings, therefore we will pull into our reality anything that our whole being/energetic body is vibrating at.

If we are vibrating lack in our energy field through our feelings about money, we will attract what we are vibrating ? lack. Change your feelings and thoughts from not enough to having it all!.2. DREAM BIG.

Fantasize like you did when you were a kid. FEEL the emotions of having it all. Close your eyes and really FEEL yourself driving your brand new car! Feel the smile on your face, the wind blowing your hair, see the beautiful view ? FEEL it all. Emotion is what creates!.3. Re-program the subconscious mind from all the negative thoughts and belief systems to positive thoughts and new belief systems.

You can create positive affirmations. You can verbally say them or you can record them and listen to them during the day and while you sleep. You can also remove limiting beliefs and blocks through energetic work.

I offer Practical Mastery Abundance Sessions to clear all kinds of core level fears, beliefs, worthiness, etc. that surround abundance. Visit my website for full details.4.

Know that you ARE worthy and you DO deserve abundance!.5. Know that there is enough for everyone on the earth.

What you believe is what you will create. Dismantle the limiting beliefs that you carry regarding abundance. God's abundance is unlimited and He/She wants us to have it all.

Trust you are loved and know in your heart that all you need to do is change your feelings regarding worthiness and abundance can be yours. Change your mind, change your emotions, change your world!.6.

Everyday bless, thank and be grateful for all that you already have! Include material possessions, your friends, loved ones, your job, your health, your happiness etc.7. Be open to receiving abundance. Some people have buried deep in their subconscious minds that they are not worthy of receiving so they push the abundance right out of their life. You have to be willing to receive in order to acquire all that you rightfully deserve.

8. Be open to giving even if it is only a dollar! Give, share. It works both ways and MUST flow equally in as it does out. Hoarding wealth is not allowed. This creates a block in your energy field. It's like having a big sticky note stuck on you that says "I have to hold on to what I have because I fear no more is coming in.

" You fear lack ? that is what you will create. The opposite of what you want!.9. Learn to become efficient in handling your wealth. If you are not good at handling wealth now, how can you efficiently handle a million dollars? Read books about money management. Find a mentor who is wealthy.

10. Love yourself! If you don't love yourself ? then all the material stuff in the world will never make you feel fulfilled. Connect with your soul and grow.

Remember who you really are. Loving yourself, removes fear. When fear has been removed your life will flourish.I hope these brief tips have been insightful and help you on your journey to abundance. If you would like energetic assistance in helping you to remove limiting programs, limiting beliefs, core fears, etc. please visit my website for complete details.

The site has many helpful articles in many different subjects.If you have any questions or would like to sign up for my newsletter please send an email to lisa@infinitylighthealing.com in the subject line type "Join Latest Buzz!".As always, until our paths cross again, keep smiling and play in love!.

. Copyright 2004-2006 Lisa Whatley, an Indigo/Crystal Adult, Master Energy Facilitator, Writer, Mother of four Indigo/Crystal children and Spiritual Ascension Life Coach interweaves body, mind and spirit into her work. Lisa's spiritual path and connection with God has lead her to a place of knowing that all things are possible! She has helped many people change their lives using the same self-empowerment teachings that helped to transform her own life, helping them find peace, joy and stability. She currently offers energetic sessions for DNA Activation, Clearing, Healing, Balancing, Spiritual Growth, Enlightenment and Life Coaching.

She resides in the beautiful countryside of Northern Ontario Canada. Website http://www.InfinityLightHealing.com.You may share this information in it's entirety with others freely, provided that this notice and bio is included.

By: Lisa Whatley


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