Druids and Sex What Can We Learn From Them

The druids were extremely sexual and uninhibited. If you think the druids cant teach you much above how to enhance your sex life think again!.Although Druids are considered pagan by the Christian Church, many (and a great many) of their practices has been introduced into our society today.

In fact, the entire Christian calendar is full of Druidic holidays. There were two times of the year that specifically apply to this essay. The first is Samhuinn, from October 31st to November 2nd, and the second is Beltane on May the 1st.

Ininhibited Sexual Activity.Samhuinn was a time that for three days, all order was allowed to brake down, and there was as can be expected, uninhibited sexual activity. For the Beltane festival, it was a time for the mating of animals, and the fertility of young women.

The evening twin bonfires, wild music, free-flowing spirits and dance made the ambiance for sexual union between couples almost irresistible.To discern what was practiced, we must look what the early Church fathers were forbidding. In the prohibitions we discover the practice.For the first missionaries, who were for the most part, still Jewish, there was (and still is for all Orthodox Jews) one sexual position; the "missionary". The two positions you will find below, were strictly forbidden, but in truth, normal in every way.

During the Samhuinn there was no time for orderly and relaxed sexual encounters were out of the question.They were very sexually uninhibited! Here are some examples:.As Does the Deer.

Here is the basic Druidic position, were both are standing. The woman will bend over and hold on to some object to support her during the man's thrusting. She would spread her legs wide apart, and the man would remove the clothing only to the side of the genital area, and with his own feet slight spread apart (for balance) he would enter her from the rear, and begin thrusting.He would further bend over himself, across and on top of the woman's back, and have his hands free to fondle her breast and/or clitoris. The quick thrusting would last about 10 to 12 minutes, and the man would finish quickly.

Time was at a premium, and this is perhaps the original "quickie".This is an exciting and effective position, and useful in cramped spaces, say an elevator or restroom, or out in the open, as was obviously practiced by the Druids at this time of "un-rule" or anarchy.Sacrifice at the Alter.It seems the Church fathers especially found this position offensive. Perhaps the nature of it, or the name.

However, when examined from a serological and physiological point of view, it is quite effective. It is very stimulating for the clitoral area, the G-spot and AFE Zone.The woman is placed on her back on a table or some structure that allows the man to stand in front of her, in position.

The woman's legs are raised half way to her chest, no more, and the man can hold on to her calf's, or under her knees. He then penetrates her, and she raises her buttons slightly to accommodate him for maximum penetration. Thrusting should be slow and rhythmical, and it will soon become obvious of the woman's pleasure with this sexual position. The man also will find he can delay his climax also, and the average time of copulation can be over 20 minutes, and perhaps longer.The man has a wonderful and explicit view of the woman's genital area, and she, if raising her neck slightly (and is so interested) can also see the man at his actions.

This may be performed at home on a high bed, or table, if some padding (a blanket perhaps) is used for the woman's comfort. It has been reported that some models of automobiles afford the possibility as well, using the hood (engine cover) in place of a table or rock.The druids were an extremely sexual people and some of the positions above you will find will nehance your sex life for both you and your partner.

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By: Sacha Tarkovsky


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