Record Retention for Fannie and Freddie - Regulators are demanding that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac retain all records to allow regulators a peek at accounting any time, said the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight on Wednesday.

Former Enron ChiefKenneth LayShocked at Verdict - Lay 'Shocked' by Enron Verdict?Former Enron Chiefs Convicted in One of the Biggest Business Scandals in U.

Why Carwashes Should Hire Illegal Aliens and Why You Cannot Stop Them - Carwash owners know that if they violate our Nation?s immigration laws that they will be rewarded by lower costs.

How To Play The SMS Dating Game - A couple of weeks ago, at a relaxing, uneventful Saturday afternoon barbeque, one of the single girls decided to turn up the heat on conversation with a dating dilemma.

We are Super Alien Beings in Virtual Reality Dreams - What is the life experience? Why are we here? It is there a god? What is the meaning of life? These are all questions that mankind over the ages has asked and there always seems to be someone who is willing to try to answer them in order to co.

The Miraculous Fast Phobia Cure - I believe Richard Bandler, co-originator of NLP, first devised this technique.

Limit Ammunition To Control Hand Guns - Limit Ammunition To Control Hand Guns.

Youre Not Your Story Part II - We all have a story.

Yoga Simplify Your Life - The thought that life can be simple for many of us is a hope and a dream that we can't afford to wait to happen.

Dealing With An Angry Person - Everyone is periodically faced with an angry person, and can be challenging to deal with.

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