We are Super Alien Beings in Virtual Reality Dreams

What is the life experience? Why are we here? It is there a god? What is the meaning of life? These are all questions that mankind over the ages has asked and there always seems to be someone who is willing to try to answer them in order to control mankind.Recently I talk to a science-fiction author who stated; "Maybe we are all super alien beings and we are in the virtual reality dreams where we have chosen as characters to be human beings.".At first I thought the guy was nuts and then I realized he was brilliant. What a beautiful synopsis for a radically new genre in a modern-day science fiction flick.

Indeed the movie would be almost like a Matrix type movie. Imagine if we were all super intelligent beings and when we died, we would simply go through a transitional phase of waking up and we would not be human at all.The whole setting would be a reality of virtual experience so real that while we were in the virtual reality dream we actually believed that we were human beings, a much lesser intelligent species than we really are.Yes, that is what I thought; what a trip indeed. After drinking our coffee we parted ways and the science-fiction author who is working on a book with exactly this concept said to me; "I have another idea I want to run by you and you are going to love it!" And I said; "I cannot wait until we meet again Sir." Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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