Why Carwashes Should Hire Illegal Aliens and Why You Cannot Stop Them

Carwash owners know that if they violate our Nation's immigration laws that they will be rewarded by lower costs. They know that the customers will not turn them in for breaking the law, because they want a low cost carwash. And this seems to be the hypocritical problem in our nation with illegal aliens. Each time you go to a carwash you could do something to stop this abuse and exploitation and encouragement of illegal aliens but you won't will you? Why not? Are you being loyal to the criminal carwash owner?.Does that carwash really do that great of service on your car? No, actually the job is only semi acceptable you see, nevertheless you will not turn him in for his violations of our immigration laws.

Well just so you no longer have any excuse on this here is where to call:."Call Border Patrol headquarters at 202 282 8355 and demand that Border Patrol maintain sweeps and continue enforcement by arresting illegal aliens and their employers. The more calls the more you effect change.

".Additionally insist that they alert the local office and give the name and address of the car wash in question. Car washes categorically are one of the worst abusers of illegal immigration violations of any other type of business in the United States of America and if you never make that call these abuses will continue.

They have been going on for decades, while you watch and do nothing. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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