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The thought that life can be simple for many of us is a hope and a dream that we can't afford to wait to happen. We have to make an effort towards it. And as many would agree, it starts with avoiding the pains, problems and frustrations of disease by changing to habits which result in good health. It is only in good health that life seems worth living anyway.

No matter how much we would want to rely upon outside influences, people, doctors or medicines, we all begin to realize, more than ever before, that we each have to do our part in building and maintaining our own health. This has to be done in spite of so many factors that are against us, such as environmental pollution, water problems, chemicals in food and many others.Hygiene was once a very basic and important health measure to avoid contagion of every kind.

That laxity that now exists throughout many medical institutes and hospitals and also out in the community is quite distressing and makes good community health even more difficult. But it remains first on the agenda of yogic disciplines.Most of us realize that the simple life is usually the healthiest and that it is sensible to eat healthy fresh, natural food and to avoid the processed and refined commercial products, each of which usually contains chemicals and preservatives one would not choose to eat - that is, if we read the label! Anyway there is nothing as enjoyable as simple fresh food prepared in the home kitchen.Exercise is a bit of a problem but we are generally fortunate to have access to health farms and fitness establishments that encourage exercise. Body building also encourages us to exercise, as well as the local walks and our yogic exercise disciplines.

But we never seem to be able to do enough exercise as there never seems to be enough time. We must make time!.We know to breathe deeply to get enough oxygen for our body cells. But pollution of the atmosphere in the cities and suburbs makes it more difficult particularly for those who already suffer from asthma.

So we have to practice yogic breathing exercises in the best possible outdoor situation we can manage as it is inadvisable to practice in air conditioned environments. Yoga teaching gives breathing deeply and gaining control of the breath top priority. It's interesting to discover how much more control of the breath and how much more energy we seem to have after practicing for a few weeks.We may have forgotten to consider the importance of an erect body posture when walking, sitting or at times of rest but through practicing the Yoga asanas one becomes very much more aware that the body can only function well if the vital organs are not under constant pressure.

So we begin to stand tall.So it seems for improved health and as a simple natural health insurance program, we should consider hygiene, fresh food diet, body posture, exercise and our breathing habits. To these well known factors, the yogic teaching adds an occasional fast, the addition of herbs as food supplements, some special body postures or asanas to improve health problems and the practice of relaxation.But these relate to physical health measures to help us feel vital.What about the psychological factors which will help us to feel happy?.In yoga classes we are taught how to relax our minds and bodies for two reasons.

One is to become free of stresses and strains. The other is to enjoy a whole range of pleasant moods and feelings when we are quiet and there is nothing to do. We begin to be aware of other parts of our nature that have been neglected because of our constant activity.

Relaxing out on the floor isn't as difficult as it sounds, in fact it becomes quite comfortable after getting used to being without mattress and pillow! When you lie there with your eyes closed instead of going to sleep as is tempting sometimes, you feel so calm and almost floating and it is so pleasant you seem to be all feeling instead of thinking - just by lying still! It's much better than taking sedatives.Meditation is a kind of relaxation for the mind but we have to sit upright to do this. Some people cant manage to sit cross legged, in fact not many are able to in a class, but classes have alternative positions and they can find one that's suitable. Then we do the same thing, keeping still, shutting our eyes, breathing rhythmically and when we get tired of that just sit there a little longer and it feels really pleasant. You'll even stop thinking about whether you left the gate open and other things that generally come into your mind. You may like to practice this at home.

Somehow when we are relaxed we begin to feel more content. Then we begin to think more clearly in deciding what we really want with our lives. Then we find we have the energy and vitality needed to go ahead and do it. In living fully, we realize that we are happy. It is simple!.


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By: Michael Russell


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