The Self Image of a Baby Boomer - An aging baby boomer finds many factions of self image changing on a daily basis.

Questions To Empower You - For most people in our society, life will hold little more than a dutiful slog in the 9-5 rat race for forty years before retiring.

Human Wars Are Often an Economic Event Solution - Many point to the fact that human wars are often fought for economic reasons and even former Presidents of the United States of America have warned us against industrial military complex.

Humor for Women Buying Bathing Suits - I read a survey that listed Making a Public Presentation as the number one fear of adults.

Ugly Billboards - It was reassuring to read recently that a prominent developer at the south end of our village's shopping strip has promised not to turn North Conway into another Portland.

Car Wash Property Layout and Slope to Collect Rain Water for Washing - Should all carwashes be built with slopes to the center of the property rather than to a storm drain or draining away from the property in order to collect all the run off from storm water to recharge the fresh water holding tank systems? Of cours.

Economics of the Travel Industry and High Fuel Prices - Many have not considered fully the costs on our over all economy on high fuel prices? One obvious sector is the travel industry as automobiles, airlines and such are deeply impacted and costs go way up whether you are a family going on vacation or.

Mount St Helen Will She Blow Again - We have certainly been seeing a whole lot of volcanic activity around the World lately with a huge Volcano in Indonesia, one in Central America and one in South America too.

To Use a Coupon or Not on a Date - Everyone has been there: You have this great coupon for the restaurant you are taking your date to.

Abatement of Negativity in the SubConscious Mind - How does an individual get rid of negativity in the sub-conscious mind? How does someone ditch unwanted or hostile memories, which plague them and destroy their positive outlook? How can one abate these negative thoughts, memories and prior events.

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