Mount St Helen Will She Blow Again

We have certainly been seeing a whole lot of volcanic activity around the World lately with a huge Volcano in Indonesia, one in Central America and one in South America too. And just recently it appears as if Mount Saint Helen in Washington wants to remind us that she too is active. The issue of increased volcanic activity has been a big concern of those civilizations near them and it became a recent subject in an online think tank when one member Swift from Las Vegas stated;."It looks like Mount Saint Helen's continues to be preparing for something. I wonder if it will happen soon and if all the rain the Pacific Northwest received this winter will affect other systems should the volcano blow. It will be interesting to watch.

".Then sure enough on the Internet News comes this message on the Email Alerts; Rock Chunk Falls From Mount St. Helens - Yahoo! News.http://news. this mean we better watch Mount St. Helens too? And should Alaska and Mexico be watching there Volcanoes too? Is this the year of the Volcano? Interestingly enough some seismic researchers who watch the cycles of Hurricanes and storm surges which put additional weight on the tectonic plates say that this years Hurricane Season both in the Atlantic and the Pacific near the Western Coastlines of Mexico and the United States think that Mexico could get either a big Earthquake or Volcano in 2006. This could cause more people to flee Mexico and illegally migrate to the United States? Interesting topic indeed.

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By: Lance Winslow


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