Car Wash Property Layout and Slope to Collect Rain Water for Washing

Should all carwashes be built with slopes to the center of the property rather than to a storm drain or draining away from the property in order to collect all the run off from storm water to recharge the fresh water holding tank systems? Of course the water would have to be filtered for sand, pebbles and debris. And filtrated for acid rain and such also.However if you consider the amount of annual rainfall and the amount of down pour, which is wasted due to its immediate rush, you can see the potential eventuality for having on-site reservoirs. Why waste that water? Recently in an online think tank, a marketing business student had considered this concept. Paula Chavis, had stated that she believed that all water should be used and recycled and reused over and over again, including runoff water.

Indeed this does make a lot of sense and water is a precious commodity for a car wash.Many parking lots drain to the center and then there are storm drains which pipe the water away from the property to a reservoir type system which then allows it to seep into the ground and vegetation removes some of the oil and grease and heavy metals left from rusted cars and shopping carts.What if a similar system was put in at a carwash and the drainage pipes went to an on-site reservoir with a multi-in-line filtration system and then an RO system after that to make the water spot free for washing cars? Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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