Human Wars Are Often an Economic Event Solution

Many point to the fact that human wars are often fought for economic reasons and even former Presidents of the United States of America have warned us against industrial military complex. This topic recently came up on economic think tank online, where one individual who is a foreigner observing the current war in Iraq and other recent wars stated;."USA economy runs on selling guns to other countries so the more war more better".Indeed war is good for economic reasons, but that has been going on since the beginning of time.

Also nations have always had issues with what to do with there young males; ages 15 to 24 with all that combativeness. Sometimes nations go to war simply to eliminate potential problems in country. Many of the nations out there do this. Ours is not one of those.

The arms industry is huge in the World but the US is not the only player. In fact Iran recently said it wanted to build nuclear warheads on missiles and sell them to International Terrorists. N. Korea wanted to do the same, selling to any nation, which wanted them. The Sudan recently made a deal to buy such stuff. The Russians, French, Chinese, Germans, UK, Israelis, Swedes, Swiss? Hell who doesn't sell weapons? I am not condoning it, merely pointing out the obvious and thus condemning the US for human wars is BS, wars have been going on in human civilization long before the formation of the greatest nation in all of civilization; the United States of America.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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