Abatement of Negativity in the SubConscious Mind

How does an individual get rid of negativity in the sub-conscious mind? How does someone ditch unwanted or hostile memories, which plague them and destroy their positive outlook? How can one abate these negative thoughts, memories and prior events or subdue them to the point that they are no longer problematic to the individual's behavior or outlook on their life?.Psychologists use many techniques to do this - unfortunately some of them do not work very well and it can get costly. Meanwhile it seems that many of the psychologists are so screwed up themselves in the head they really need to look in the mirror themselves and treat what is inside first before attempting to help anyone else with their problems. Additionally consider if you will the issue the blind leading the blind.

Abatement of negativity in the Sub-Conscious Mind can eventually be healed over time, as they say time heals all wounds. But the question is can it be done faster. For instance in the case of a soldier coming back from combat with shell shock or negative memories which were imprinted in slow motion and which included severe emotional trauma, as their buddies were killed or blown apart right in front of them.

Right now new technologies are being deployed such as virtual reality to modify the memories of these events and with some success. But it is a start, so consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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