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Making waves in broadcasting

by Joy Duckett Cain

I don't think that bad things happen; I think you're faced with challenges. I was 16 when I got pregnant; my son was born when I was 17. My mother and everyone else saw it as terrible--the end of my life. Mom wanted me to have an abortion and continue my education, but I wanted to have the baby. [more]

Dialing into a radio career

by James van Osdol

I love music. Not love it, like "Of course I enjoy music. I like ice cream and rainbows too." Uh-uh. I mean, love it. Music is what makes me happy, defines my moods--I live it, drink it, devour it, can't get enough of it. It's my passion. That's why, when I was in college, the only thing that mattered to me was landing a career that would allow me to totally immerse myself in music. The perfect career for me was obvious. I needed to get a job in radio. [more]

Put the right tag in your RFID bag

by Graham Wiemar

RFID tag manufacturers must keep up with seemingly minute-by-minute advances in technology, as well as the demands of their customers to provide a product that won't become obsolete shortly after its implementation. For companies looking to enter the RFID world, the amount of information available, much of it extremely technical, can make the task seem daunting at best, if not downright impossible or at least impractical. [more]

Radio frequency identification:

RFID equipment will be on display in a special RFID Pavilion at Pack Expo Las Vegas

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is one of the biggest trends to hit packaging in years. It promises a slew of benefits to manufacturers and retailers alike, including unprecedented control over the supply chain and enhanced product security. [more]

XM Radio Looks Beyond Audio

by Steve Finlay

Fast-growing XM Satellite Radio is on a roll as it plays every type of music - in addition to offering comedy, news and sports shows on its 150 channels. [more]

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