Two Helpful Energy Building Techniques

Hatsurei-ho is one of the early Reiki techniques. We know this for certain as it exists in a 1933 book by Kaiji Tomita, a student of Usui Mikao. Below is a translation of this technique from that book which is much simpler than what is practised in Japan and the West today.

The chanting of waka, poetry written by the Meiji Emperor, is not generally practised in the West.hatsu - to generate.rei - spirit.

ho - method.First sit down and try to concentrate (unify) the mind and body. Choose a quiet place or somewhere comfortable where you can relax. Included in the text are 2 different readings of the word seiza.

One means to sit still and is the first part of the technique the other relates to the physical action of sitting in seiza.1. Seiza (lit. Japanese) [to sit still].Sit in the seiza position and gassho with the objective to gather/concentrate the energy from the heart into the palms of the hands. Hold the hands together without using force from the arms or the shoulders.

Drop the shoulders and clasp the hands, joining the fingers lightly and feel the alignment of the posture. Close your eyes.2. Joshin ho (Mind purification method).

The aim of Joshin-ho is to unify and purify the mind. Once the sitting upright is achieved, recite (in your head) some waka poetry and feel at One with its meaning.Here is an example of the Meiji Emperor's waka used by Usui Mikao that can be used for joshin ho.

Asamidori sumiwataritaru ohzorano.hiroki onoga kokoro to mogana.As a great sky in clear light green.I wish my heart would be as vast.

Practise this technique everyday and you will begin to feel the energy in your hara strengthen and expand and your own sense of zest and purpose in life grow. Here's a martial arts exercise to stimulate your Lao Gong energy point. This will help you with sensing the sensitivity in your hands and help you to channel more energy.1.Stand with your arms straight out in front of you, parallel to the ground, and with your hands closed.2.

With the hands still closed have one hand facing up and one facing downward. In this position, flex your fingers from straight out to closed in a fist 20 times.3. Now turn the hands over so that the one which faced upward is now facing downwards and vice-versa and flex 20 times again.Can you feel your Lao Gong point now?.

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