The Sun Has RisenMarch th at PMEaster has Passed and Most Missed It

Yesterday, March 20th, someone said to me, "Hey, today is the first day of spring." I said yep, sure is and asked if he knew why today was the chosen day. He did not know but rather thought that someone just picked this date as the official start of the season.

"No," I said. "Actually yesterday at 1:26 PM The Sun was crossified by finally landing smack at the intersection of the Celestial Equator as projected from our earthly equator into space, and the Ecliptic, which is the line in the sky that the sun appears to follow in it's one year journery through the signs of the Zodiac." He just looked at me and said, "Oh.

".Yesterday was a very important day in the sky, which is a place very few humans ever take time to look up into at night, much less understand how it works. But in fact, yesterday, The Sun of God was Crucified on the beams of those two lines in space that yesterday gave us the equinox, which means "equal night.".

Yesterday the day and night was just about 12 hours long each. Now the sun heads more north from it's cold beginning on Christmas to it's highest point of summer on June 22nd where the day is the longest and the night the shortest. After that, the Sun heads south to Autumn where once again at the Vernal Equinox, we have equal day and night and then on to December and the winter solstice where the Sun dies, spends three days in the grave and is is born, of a virgin/virgo on December 25th.

That was a small taste of astro-theology and a story that the vast majority of literalist Christians will never understand because they will never want to undertsand it.For example, when John the Baptist, who is born six months before Jesus says, "I must decrease, while he must increase," in astro-theological terms he was saying that from June (six months before December) John was now diminishing as the one who prepared the way for the Sun/Son of God, but now Jesus, the Son or the literal sun, will increase, that is from December 25th to the Summer Solstice, the Sun will grow stronger.It is interesting that Matthew places Jesus in summer at the top of Mt.

Tabor transfiguring into the literal sun or at least as one who shines brighter than the sun. You'd think someone may have noticed that from afar, but seems only those present saw this "bright as the sun" look. Jesus at the Summer Solstice, The SUN of God, is at his peak and in his best form. After the Summer Solstice, the ministry of the SUN/SON will head back down to death in the dark of winter, betrayal, imprisonment and death, to be born all over again.

But let's not stray from the wonder of the Spring Equinox, which passed mostly unnoticed yesterday. It is from this celestial event that the Christian church takes it cue for determining Easter. No the Spring Equinox IS the true EASTER. Yesterday the SUN of God rose due East for the first time and set due West last night. That's why the day and night were of equal length, yesterday.Most pagan god/men are born on December 25th on the beginning day of the Sun's journey back to dominance in the summer sky.

Most were considered crossified on the Equinox in March on the intersections of the celestial equator and the ecliptic. I have the Starry Night computer program where I can program in all the dates and just watch this wonderful reality unfold on my laptop. Very cool stuff. Punch in any December 25th and one will see at sunrise the SUN of God being brought forth by Virgo the Virgin. Hmmmm, wonder where that concept shows up again! Seems the Virgin does conceive and bring for the SUN, at least every December 25th.

Just a coincidence no doubt :P.Another concept we can glean from the astro-theology of Springtime is that the SUN Passes Over and delivers the people from their darkness and sin. This is the theme, of course of the Exodus and the Passover, which is also celebrated in the Spring.

Yesterday was not Passover for the Jewish People; that will come on the 14th of Nisan as they mark time, but that is very soon and close or not close to our Easter, depending. In any case, it also celebrates the deliverance of Israelites from Egypt, which is the same as being delivered from the darkness of sin in Egypt into "HIS" glorious light. Christians have christianised the Passover as well and made Jesus it's star meaning.

"For Christ is our Passover." The Son is our Passover. The Sun has Passed Over and been crossified for us on the celestial and eliptic cross. It's all the same. And these events are always spring events, which should not be lost on those that understand the heavenly origins of the literal stories.Now somewhere along the line Christians and Jews did not want to celebrate their deliverance on the Spring Equinox as that would be too blatantly obvious as to its origins.

It would be a sky event, not an earth event. So each has their own way to avoid it. Christians have the best way to find their Easter, which is now, not really Easter as that happened on the Equinox, which they avoid.Christians have this great formula for Easter:.Take the Spring Equinox, which was yesterday and step ahead to the first full moon, which can be a few days or weeks after Equinox.

Once you get to that full moon, which can be any day of any week, take the SUN day following it and call that the Christian Easter. Cool huh. If you thought Jesus rose on any real Easter, you are wrong.

It's a concocted Easter date. If you want to get closer to the actual time Jesus was crucified, if he was, but that's another story, one would have to observe the Passover with the Jewish contingent as Jesus, even by New Testament definition, is our Passover, not our Easter Bunny. But then you run into unsolvable contradictions in the story as to who did it and when was it done, not to mention the Sun going dark for three hours which was never recorded anywhere else in history save in the Bible. Christians have spent lifetimes arguing over if Jesus died on the real Passover day, or the day before and if when resurrected met the disciples in Jerusalem or told them to go on to Galilee where he would meet them. The Gospels give us both options but both could not be literally true.

Wisemen, at the time of Jesus birth are said to have "seen his star in the east." These Astrologers from the East, seeing his star to the east, followed it west to Jerusalem, then south to Bethlehem where it stood over a specific home. Uh huh. One does not literally face east , see a star in the east and then follow it west where it makes turns and points out houses.

But in the sky one can, but this too is another story.Christians are sun worshippers to this day and ministers are Sun-Priests no matter how much into De-Nile they go. :) On top of this, someone made it a custom to eat pig and ham on the Christian Easter as an affront to the Jewish Passover which can come close to Easter depending. Sad huh? Nothing is going to separate a Jewish Holy Day, hijacked by the Christians as pointing to them, better than by eating pigs in celebration of the Messiah.go figure.

Well, just thought you needed to know that Easter was yesterday, March 20th at 1;26 PM. The SUN of God was indeed crossified at that precise moment on the beams of the Celestial Equator and the Ecliptic. Run your local meridian thru it and it is even more impressive. The SUN of God has risen from the temptation of the dark months of December thru March to not be the SUN of God.

The SUN has been tempted by De-Evil One, the lord of Darkness to just say with him and worship him, but the SUN has Risen and defeated Dark-Evil or D-evil. Now the SUN will begin by chosing two fishermen just like the two fish in Pices, the March Constellation and go to April and be Aires the Lamb. 2000 years ago the Equinox of March was in Aires the Lamb and why Jesus was the Lamb, crucified etc. Nuther story.Now it's in the Age of Pices, the Fish which has been the symbol of the Church for the past 2000 years. And so the cycle repeats in the heavens over our heads every night.

The Sun is born, the Sun overcomes the darkness and dies in the spring for the darkness of the world and it's sins. The Sun rises into Summer and walks on the water of the Milkyway as it rises in June and then goes on to enter the twins of Castor and Pollux where Jesus is said to have put demons out of two men after He was said to walk on water. Bet their names were Castor and Pollux! Then comes the Crab where two stars in that constellation are known as the Northern Ass and the Southern Ass and Jesus, the Son, is said to ride into Jerusalem riding on "THEM BOTH," in his triumphant entry just before his death. This is also true of the story of the Sun as it unfolds during the latter part of any year heading on into death at winter.

On earth this would be dumb, but the SUN riding the two asses in the constellation of the Crab in July is totally possible and occurs every summer.Soon we go on to fall and harvests and feedings of thousands and then betrayal of the Sun/SON by the Scorpion Judas who was a follower, but like a scorpion, can go backwards and give the kiss or sting of death. Jesus is arrested in late fall by Pilate when the SUN enters Saggitarius the Archer and pierced at his darkest moment to lie three days in the grave of December to then be born again on the 25th and it starts all over again. Then Jesus, the SUN/SON enters the first 30 degrees of the next Constellation (for Jesus was about 30 years old when he began to preach) and meets Aquarius, the Water Bearer, or in this story, John the Baptist, the first event in Jesus ministry before going into the wilderness to be tempted of the Darkness not to continue as the SON/SUN of God and the rest is "history.".Either this short view of the 12 month ministry of the SUN of God through the signs of the zodiac and the 12 month journey of the Son of God with his 12 followers is a mere coincidence of history, or the SON/SUN Priests of modern Christianity have been either deliberately or naively ignorant of the deeper origins of the story of the SUN/SON of God, and keeping it under wraps.

So, Happy Easter, it was yesterday and I think most of us missed it. The Sun was crucified at the intersection of the Celestial Equator and the Ecliptic, and if you saw the beams of light spewing from the SUN, you could even imagine them as a crown of thorns. The Sun is now Risen Today and beginning that fascinating ministry across the sky and through the signs of the Zodiac that so match the events Matthew portrays in his book, but that's another story.

It ends in death and birth again and the characters on the stage are right over our heads, every clear night of the year. Happy East-er. The Sun has indeed risen in the East. It's all good, and most everyone missed it!.


By: Dennis Diehl


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