Steps To Eternity Prophetic Relevance Of The Geography Of The United States

The most important element that distinguishes the beauty of America from the beauty of many other countries is the fact that AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL is one nation "UNDER GOD." All nations each have their own physical elements of beauty, but America also shines with a "spiritual" beauty by its public proclamations among the world that we are one nation "Under God," and that it is "In God We Trust." These proclamations of faith set an example to the rest of the world and they, alone, set our nation apart from most other nations of the world.Mt. McKinley is the highest peak in the United States.

It's gorgeously snow covered apparel mysteriously surrounded by the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis, set in the land of the Midnight sun, identically matches the description of the glorified Christ in Revelation 1:13-14, the great and high Summit of wisdom and understanding, who, surrounded by the light of truth, now majestically stands adorned in His glorious state in glistening white raiment, never to die again.The area of lowest altitude in the United States is Death Valley, California, a barren and dry section of land surrounded by oppressive heat, strategically located at the edge of the nation's "Pleasure Capital," by man's description, holding a significance all its own.The fertile plains of the nation, majestic brooks and gorgeous waterfalls set among lush forests, tell their story through the abundance of their resources, throughout the area known as the "Bible Belt".

The great Niagara Falls spectacle with its thundering roar of waters and its spectacular rainbows adds further magnificence to this grand display of God's power and might.Deep caves, rolling hills and towering bluffs are of well-calculated geographical relevance with each valley, hill and stream strategically figured in God's story ? how it has and will yet play its part in bringing God's plan to pass.The Black Hills and bizarre Badlands provide an awesome beauty amidst the desolate terrain. Long, dry stretches of desert provide hints to understanding the vital significance in the deliberate layout of the "wild" western states in comparison to the "Bible Belt" of the Midwest ? the lush, green corn belt set within the heartland of the nation.Dazzling moon bows dance over the Kentucky Falls, the only place in the entire Western Hemisphere where this phenomenal display occurs, where light and color reflect off the bubbling clear waters when the moon is full, presenting its own untold mysteries to mankind.

God's deliberate layout of our nation has placed mind-boggling canyons and gorges in the west, with their wild and scenic rivers running in the midst of beautiful wilderness areas. The awe-inspiring power of the "River of No Return," ultimately meeting placidly together with other waters, prophetically displays, through its geographical brilliance, the Plan of God, when the sea of all nations will ultimately meet in this same peaceful manner to give glory to God in one accord in his everlasting kingdom.At the end of the Oregon trail is the only place on earth where two rivers collide head to head, depicting the final battle of Christ's army and the beast's army when they, too, meet head to head at the end of life's trail.The waters are divided from the waters at the Continental Divide, where melting snow and rain flow either westward into the Pacific Ocean or southeastward, where they eventually reach the Gulf of Mexico. This illustration provided by nature, describes the division of the sheep and goats, to the right hand or to the left, as told in the parable of Christ in Matthew 25:33.America's landscape is formed by the Mississippi River.

Its tributary rivers, lakes and streams contribute to the nurturing of states through which it passes. Where the mighty Mississippi meets the Gulf of Mexico, overwhelming beauty, abundance and blessings have been enjoyed throughout history.Florida's coral reef is known as the historical "Shipwreck Capital of the South," providing excellent homes and breeding grounds for the exotic sea life which it allures.

The early history of pirates and wreckers who once lured unsuspecting vessels onto these reefs in order to plunder their cargoes, is synonymous with the false teachers who continue to lure the sincere in faith to stray off their straight courses into uncharted waters of false teachings, causing innocent victims to lose their faith and hope of eternal life, becoming shipwrecked among these rocks of destruction. Greedy false teachers are likewise made rich by the treasures they confiscate in the same process against the truth, even today.This wrecking and subsequent plundering declined somewhat with the construction of lighthouses along the shoreline, just as Christ, the light of the world, was sent to direct us on our straight and chartered course in life. Where there was no light, pirates and misfits continued their wicked works upon their unsuspecting victims.America is a land of beauty only as God could perceive it to be. God's physical handiwork truly makes our entire nation a spectacular land of enchantment.

Every gorge, canyon, waterfall, brook and stream has been placed to illustrate God's ultimate plan for his earth, each providing its own significant contribution to the final synopsis of the history of the world.Every imaginable descriptive word has been used in an attempt to describe the beauty of the handiwork of God's creation. Man's vocabulary is insufficient to appropriately describe the actual splendor of God's masterpiece.

Its full essence cannot be comprehended without beholding it with our own eyes.This is the identical challenge of attempting to describe the full essence of God's word. Until we behold it with our own eyes, its true magnificence also remains undisclosed ? mortal words cannot define its intensity. Attempting to describe the full beauty and significance of God's word is as if attempting to describe, without sound, the full impact of a musical masterpiece ? no man is capable.

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By: Terri Emmett


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