Showing Gratitude for Your Life Experience

Are you showing gratitude for your life experience? Or are you living in mediocrity and allowing events surrounding you to control your life? Well, if you are living in mediocrity or hypocrisy you are indeed, showing and exhibiting qualities unbecoming to this great gift of life and in doing so doing a disservice to yourself and loved ones.If you allow injustice around you and fail to stop the negative things you can do something about, but won't and if you accept life the way it is, then you are not showing any gratitude for life. In fact you are doing just the opposite. If you see misrepresentation, cheaters and people who hurt others and you can stop it but sit idly by, then you are not showing gratitude of your life experience.If you allow injustice, enslavement or human rights abuses around you and do not speak up then you are to blame for those too. In fact you are allowing others to lose their quality of life, standard of living and pursuit of happiness, while you enjoy your own life.

But in doing so you are not showing a gratitude for life, instead you live in hypocrisy of any perceived gratitude for life.If you really want to show gratitude for life, all life then you must do what is fair for all concerned and stand up, even fight if necessary for what is right. Anything short of this is showing a disrespect of life and that is wrong. You should show gratitude for life and sometimes that means you must fight for what is right and not sit idly by and preach you liberal crap.And that means all you PhD psyche majors out there too. You are the weakest of the weak and the most hypocritical of all.

Shame on you and your gratitude for life stinks of one-sided linear thought. Come out side the cave, leave the bondages and flickering flame shadows on the wall and see the real world for a change.

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By: Lance Winslow


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