Self Care Strategies to Pamper the Busy Working Mom

As a way of honoring yourself this Mother's Day, I encourage you to practice some of these self care strategies that have been helpful for me and my clients:.1. Give yourself permission to add self care to your life. It's OK for it to be all about you sometimes. Think of self care as any act of nurturing, meaning anything that enhances your level of health, wellness and happiness. Look at all areas such as physical, mental, social, spiritual and financial.

Paying an overdue bill can do just as much for your level of wellness sometimes as a warm bath.2. Recognize and blast the barriers. Ask yourself: what is preventing you from making self care an everyday occurrence? Some of my clients' barriers that we often work through are feelings of guilt, lack of time, finances, lack of support or the need for perfectionism. If any of these ring true for you, take some time to determine a plan as to how you can overcome them.

As Dr. Phil says."You can't change what you don't acknowledge".3.

Ditch the Superwoman Syndrome. This syndrome is adding unnecessary stress and sickness to our lives. We place such unrealistic expectations on ourselves. The guilt we feel as mothers often fuels this Superwoman Syndrome.

Start letting go of your mental chatter; practice saying No and remember no one's life is perfect. As mothers we need to take Superwoman off the pedestal and start putting a more realistic, imperfect, yet happier Mom up there.4. Practice acts of self care on a daily basis. Start creating a daily habit routine. You can download a Five Daily Habit Sheet from my website under free resources - YumMe MumMe Coaching.

5. Remember that small acts can have big pay offs. It is the small yet consistent acts that really pay the biggest dividends toward your health. Instead of working out one hour every fourth day, try 25 min on daily basis. The smaller acts are more likely to become a routine.

6. Allow yourself to dream. Moms can and deserve a life beyond motherhood. If you are craving something new in your life, ask yourself what are some of the dreams you have been putting off.

I support Moms in making their dreams come true. Coaching moms in winning the game of life fulfillment while thriving in motherhood is what I do best. I see mothers come alive. I see their pursuit of passion finally realized.

I see their ability to thrive in motherhood increase because they are following their dreams. A personally fulfilled woman makes an amazing mother. Take advantage of a complimentary session ( ) with me and start to see what is possible for you as a woman and a mother.7.

Get yourself a pair of rose colored glasses. Having a healthy perception of life and a positive attitude is one of the best self care strategies you can practice. It is a universal law that what you focus on expands so what are you focusing on? Is your glass always half empty? Do you complain about everything and everybody? Take some time to see what your inner chatter is saying. Then consciously take steps to changing your thoughts and seeing the glass as half full. A daily reflection of gratitude and appreciation goes along way toward improving your self care, your self worth, and your whole life.I acknowledge all mothers out there who on a daily basis participate in one of the most challenging, yet rewarding roles any woman can have in her life time.

Take an opportunity to acknowledge yourself for the many big and little things you do. Honor yourself from a place of kindness and gentleness. We do what we know to be the best at the time. Forgive yourself when needed and celebrate yourself whether you think you need it or not. We all deserve to be celebrated. Here's to you.


.For those of you wanting to start improving your level of wellness, increase your level of self-care, and reduce the stress in your life, call me for a free telephone session at 506-651-4550 or email peggy@seekingbalance.

ca. Start making positive choices today!!! Check out my web site at for a coaching package that can help you take charge of your life and make all your dreams come true!.

By: Peggy Porter


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