Secret Societies a Seriously Stupid Strategy

Secret societies are seriously a stupid strategy to propel your will or your group over the masses. Because secret societies raise suspicion and they develop a sense of non-trust. If your group is not trusted by others and the others have larger groups then you'll find yourself being curtailed often. Secret societies are simply seriously a stupid strategy supporting suspicion.

Does you group want to be suspected, as less than honorable. Where it is the honor in that? And if your group is so secret why would anyone with any integrity want to join? Why would anyone with any honor wish to join? Why would I join a group which would have me as a member?.Secret Societies may evoke fear in those who encounter their members or they may meet challenge by those who are of such strong character that they are not distracted, but rather see it as a contest. When an individual meets a member of a Secret Society and that member starts playing this secret society game on them many things can happen.

Perhaps the individual is impressed? Maybe they are in fear. Maybe they want to join or maybe they see this is as a challenge and a contest.If so beware, because most secret societies hold no secrets at all and most of the people of the greatest strength of personal character do not need any secrets to win.

They win on shear personal will and inner strength?.Secret Societies are for those who get strength from a group rather than from self and they are not as strong. Even with the entire group helping, they cannot defeat an idea from a single mind with unlimited belief in self or efficient use of human intent. Beware secret societies; do not push what you do not know. You know what I mean. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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