Relationship Test If You Are Feeling Crushed

Is your relationship becoming uncomfortable? Are you no longer enjoying the relationship? Do you not understand what might be going wrong, but you can sense it? You are not happy, but cannot pin point the cause of unhappiness. You want to get away from the relationship but are arguing for and against and getting tired of the whole thing. This is a typical; sign of getting crushed and facing confusion in the relationship.

Let us discuss more about how this happens.I will give one example- your partner is with you. Your partner is not contributing any positives to the relationship.

She/he keeps complaining that you are the cause of their unhappiness and discomfort. You wonder how when the ball is in the other court? She/he does not understand what ever you are trying to communicate. You get angry and try to explain again only to get further frustrated. If you talk of separation you are told that they will not be able to live alone.

They want to be with you. Get all the comforts from you. They care nothing about your comfort. They blame you for everything that goes wrong.

They understand no communication or act as if they don't understand. You want to run away from it all, but they make you feel guilty of doing something terribly wrong by that. You simply do not know what to do and are at your wits end. You feel crushed.

What should you do in this situation? Let me tell you. Don't interact with your partner. Don't try to communicate at all. Ask them to take care of themselves and not to bother about you at all. Get away slowly by taking no obligation from them.

Let them feel it slowly. Over a period of time they will understand that they cannot manipulate you. If at that point, you separate, they will not be able to play their game of making you feel guilty. You will get your freedom. Reclaim your freedom from relationships that crush you.

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By: CD Mohatta


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