Pieces of Advice for Teen Dating

Once in your lifetime you experienced being a teen?

It is really fun to undergo this stage. It seems that your everyday life is beautiful. From simple things, you can make it extraordinary.

This is the moment when you are starting to like someone.

The way of thinking of today's generation is extremely different from the earliest age group. You try to ask your parents. Surely they will tell you that they get shy every time they meet their crushes along the corridors. It also takes time for them to reveal their feelings toward somebody.

Study shows that the teens at present are showing more advance maturity.

Whenever they reach the age of 14 or more they tend to become outspoken about their feelings. This is greatly affected by the kind of environment they have, a place of liberation.

What can you say about their reaction? Is it infatuation or love? Being attracted to someone is an ordinary feeling.

This is reflected in the attitude of the teens today. This is a way of showing their admiration to someone.

The best way for them to express this feeling is through dating. This is a special activity where two teens can have the opportunity to know each other well.

Dating is also considered an experimental activity for teen. It will teach them several lessons in life.

Nevertheless, before you permit a guy to have a date with you it is helpful if you will ponder on the following queries first:

? Do you like him?
Try to assess the personality of the person. Remember that dating is meant to become a fun experience. If you think that the guy is not interesting then do not be hesitant to tell him a smart response of no. But do it in a nice way.

? Are you being pressured by the person asking you for a date?
First impression lasts. If the person is pressuring you then it is a manifestation that he will not have a good intention towards you. Better say a big no.

? Does the person make you feel comfortable and safe?

Consider your security while being with the person. If you think that you will not be safe with him then skip the date immediately.

To make your first dating experience a memorable one, try to follow said friendly advices for you. Moreover, sharing your hobbies and interest can become an interesting part of the date.


Khieng 'Ken' Chho is author and owner of Online Dating Resources. For related articles and other resources, visit Ken's website: http://dating.onew3b.net.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Khieng_Chho.


By: Khieng Chho


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