Our Planet Earth is Alive and All the Cycles and Systems are Interrelated

Many people picture Mother Earth as being alive and indeed it is in a way. It has cycles and an equilibrium; it has energy and even frequency resonance too. For all intent and purposes one could easily argue that our Planet is alive and well or is it? Well some say it is not so well, in that the climate is warming.That in itself will probably not hurt Earth so much as it will continue to spin and orbit around the sun, with or without a bunch of humans running around its surface. Recently this subject; Climate Change and Global Warming came up in an online think tank and one member stated;."After all, our planet is alive with all systems connecting, so if one system was pushed or several systems were pushed, wouldn't there be an opposite and perhaps violent reaction?".

Indeed, although the shifts of ice ages and such seems to be something mankind can deal with, but would most likely rather not. Food, shelter and clothing remember? Climate Change too fast causes some mass extinctions of species, which is quite problematic and somewhat frightful and meanwhile our oceans are fairly important too, they need circulation, proper ph balance and nutrients brought in from various ways. Perhaps we might consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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