Our Electromagnetic World

Gro Harlem Brundtland was the head of the World Health Organization (WHO). Mrs. Brundtland is a medical doctor and was the former Prime Minister of Norway. In March of 2002, she reported to the Norwegian press that cell phones were banned from her office because she became ill if an active cell phone was brought within thirteen feet of her. Her concerns were published by one Norwegian newspaper, and ignored by every other newspaper in the world. Five months later she stepped down from her leadership post of the World Health Organization after just one term.

It could be that she was forced to resign because of publicly exposing the ill effects that cell phones have on some people.As technology advances there is more and more radiation around us. It is now being termed by some as "electronic smog." There's a new type of "allergy" that appeared because of our technological advances. An increasing number of people are becoming sick from the "electronic smog" around us. These people suffer from symptoms like nausea, dizziness, and depression.

They experience difficulty in sleeping and concentrating when electromagnetic devices are brought into close proximity. Some have been so badly affected that they had to relocate to less electronically polluted environments.The only country that currently recognizes electromagnetic sensitivity as a real medical condition is Sweden. There, government support is available to sufferers. Elsewhere, since this illness is contrary to the interests of large telecommunications companies, it is often trivialized.Man made electromagnetic waves have been around for over one hundred years.

Radio and TV towers that were present for the last century emit electromagnetic radiation similar to cell phone towers. There has always been controversy about illnesses caused to people living close to radio towers. There were only thousands of radio towers scattered throughout the country, but with cell towers there are hundreds of thousands of towers and the numbers keep climbing.

There are hundreds of millions of gadgets using and creating electromagnetic energy including cell phones, computers, gps devices, satellites and all types of two way radios. It is estimated that for the average city dweller "electronic smog" has increased a thousand fold within the last fifteen years.In Chicago, where I live, the city notifies neighborhood residents whenever a parking lot is being put up to give them the opportunity to debate the issue.

But cell towers seem to sprout out of nowhere and without warning. There is a 1996 US Federal law that prevents communities from stopping the construction of cell towers based on health concerns. Not only are cell towers placed next to homes, some are being built right on top of apartment buildings and other public buildings where people work or reside.

The mayor of Chicago wants to bridge the "digital divide" by creating internet access anywhere in the city using wireless technology that could be picked up by specially enabled laptop computers. This technology is called wireless fidelity or "Wi-Fi." For this to happen, electromagnetic radiation would have to blanket the city.The "digital divide" is a term used to describe the lack of internet access for the poor as opposed to those that can afford it. The poor are generally also poorly educated. People with limited education tend to use the internet for entertainment rather than as an educational tool.

They download music and videos, gossip in chat rooms, and surf porn sites. It would be easier for child predators and other scammers to remain anonymous using this technology. So what the mayor wants to do is fry everyone's brains so it would be easier to keep the masses entertained and make it harder to identify crooks and perverts. Many other cities are also planning to invest in "Wi-Fi" for similar reasons. What about the people that are already sensitive to this technology? I guess they'll have to find someplace else to live.

Currently laptops with "Wi-Fi" cost more than desktop computers. An organization called OLPC (One Laptop per Child) plans to make hundred dollar laptops with built in "Wi-Fi." These computers would initially be sold to governments of China, India, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Nigeria, and Thailand. They, in turn, would pass them on to school children in selected cities. This idea assumes that saturating their cities with electromagnetic radiation to access the internet and implement wireless networking will present no health effects. What if "electronic smog" makes some of their children ill? Many researchers say that children are more vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation than adults.

Inevitably, these laptops will be commercialized and sold to the poorer citizens of the more developed countries throughout the world. As we can see, to bridge the "digital divide" plans are being made to flood the world with electromagnetic radiation and cheap laptops.Experts all over the world are voicing concerns about the health hazards of electromagnetic radiation even at low levels. Some are saying that there could be cumulative effects from this radiation and we may not know the damage it causes for years. We're already saturated with cell towers, with more popping up like weeds.

With the planned additions of "Wi-Fi", people are becoming guinea pigs in a world-wide experiment.In time, many of us that currently show no symptoms could develop electromagnetic sensitivity or other technology related illnesses. It is almost impossible to shield our homes from this type of radiation. As greedy corporate aliens saturate our world with "electronic smog" to realize ever increasing profits from modern technologies, what will happen to us, the inhabitants of our electromagnetic world?.

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By: George Lunt


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