Ouch Change is Uncomfortable

Have you ever wondered what is it that is stopping you from being in your ideal situation right now? Whether you want to lose weight, earn more money, find Mr. Right, or leave Mr. Wrong, you keep looking at a goal that you have not yet achieved. Let's explore why not.Try this experiment: Simply fold your arms across your chest.

Notice which arm is above the other, where your hands touch your elbows, and how efforlessly you were able to position your arms.Now, it is time for the change: Uncross your arms, and re-fold them across your chest, this time the opposite way. That's correct, if your right arm crossed over the center of your left arm, then place your left arm above the right. And vice versa.

I have seen rooms filled with people laughing and twisting their arms in awkward directions, in an attempt to fold their arms in the opposite manner.If changing the way in which you cross your arms is an uncomfortable, unnatural process, we can glean some wisdom as to the dynamics of human beings experiencing change.Staying in the same position is more comfortable than changing positions.

Thus, we can find marathon runners who use the remote control to change the channels, instead of walking across the room. They do not dislike walking, they simply want to stay comfortable.Therein lies the secret of achievement; the ability to acknowledge and understand that the changes you will undergo will be uncomfortable. Denying yourself the usual chocolate treats, in order to reach your ideal size, is not a pleasant sensation for your taste buds.

Forgoing a vacation in order to set up a home business plan, will not be a relaxing way to spend your free time.When you understand that making changes will involve some discomfort, even some pain, and you are ready to embrace the positive long-term changes along with the negative short-term changes, then you become unstopable.It is not education, socio-ecenomic status, gender, nor ethnicity which will propel you towards success.

Your dreams will be realized because of your newfound perspective. It is the courage in your heart to overlook the heavy weight of the boxes you are carrying, since you know that there are diamonds to be found within them.Go ahead and begin a change in your life. Write it down, and share the goal with your friends. Embrace the discomfort, cross your arms, and proceed resolutely towards success.And when you achieve your goal, and meet someone on the road to making changes, ask them to cross their arms, and inspire them with the courage to succeed!.

.Ellen C. Braun is a parenting coach and editor of the popular website for timeless parenting advice, http://www.RaisingSmallSouls.com.

By: Ellen Braun


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