Online Dating Dont Get Robbed

Online dating can be a great way to meet new and interesting people. If you approach meeting someone via online dating with the same level of caution and discretion as you would if you met someone in a bar for example, you really should not have any problems. Don't forget there are bad people in bars and there are bad people using online dating. Don't forget to use your common sense.Unfortunately, there are some very bad people who prey on people who use online dating and who are desperately looking for a relationship.

Don't fool yourself by thinking this can't happen to me. Typically, this is how the scam unfolds.A person will begin a very innocent conversation with someone they have met online. Usually, but not always, the scammer lives overseas or a considerable distance away.

The online dating turns into an online relationship. This can go on for quite some time. The scammer may portray themselves as descent and hardworking but perhaps a little down on their luck.In many cases, the scammer can list a host of reasons why they don't have money. Most often, many of the reasons never involve their own responsibility.

A carefully concocted story unfolds why the scammer has no money. They often refer back to carefully taken notes of their online conversations with you. You can't but help feeling emotionally connected to this person. You feel as though they were listening to you and paying attention to your needs.

Unfortunately, they only want your money.The scammer may broach the subject of being unable to cash a check and being in a really difficult position because of it. Remember these people are masters are playing on your emotions.They will ask if you can help them out.

They will want to send you a check so you can cash it on their behalf. After the check is cashed and you send the money back, the scammer is usually gone quicker then you can say fraud.Remember a couple of simple things that will ensure your financial safety while online dating.

Be very suspicious if ANYONE asks you to cash a check for them. This should cause you to put the breaks on quickly. If they do send you a check, bring it to your bank and ask them what they think of it.Always use common sense and always exercise a healthy amount of skepticism when using online dating or meeting someone for the first time.

.Gary Kelly is co-creator of the online dating website for golfers, and http://www.PuttingForPar.

com, a golf website specializing in personalized ball markers.

By: Gary Kelly


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