Novelty Lighters and Butane Lighters

How many times do you ever need fire and cannot find one. I'm not talking about the heavenly light but more about the butane generated flame spitting out from those cheap lighters we can find at every corner market. Butane lighters have been around for ages but are increasing in popularity just now.

They come in so many different models and shape. The butane lighter of choice for most is the Colibri but because of its high price, the mass' demand remains within the cheaper novelty refillable butane lighter. These butane lighters go from $10 to $350 so choosing one is very important. First and foremost, you must decide what you will use it for.

For smokes, a cheaper novelty butane lighter will do fine, but for cigars, experts will tell you that a strong single butane torch is the only way to light them correctly. Whatever way you choose, make sure to light your cigarettes or cigars evenly to be able to enjoy your little "evil ways".

The Largest Canadian Depot of Refillable Butane Lighters is located at:


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