Mr President Its Not Because Of What We See On TV

He is really panicking. By his own admission "(he) has a lot on his mind these days". He's so frantic he even met with the press corps today to get his message out there, giving Scotty Mc McClellan a day off.

And I will give him credit for doing something for which he only holds only disdain. But that is the end of the accolades.He was alternately belligerent and amicable; always edgy. Hammered on the Iraq war, his theme was clear: he needs to communicate optimism because American support of the war is waning as a result of the daily media's barrage of death and destruction. His message is that the media (liberal I suppose) is undermining his fight on terrorism.

No it's not, Mr. President!.You linked Saddam to 9/11.

There was no link.You warned of a possible mushroom cloud (I'm assuming Condi Rice was speaking for you). There was no such possibility.You told us Saddam had links to Al Qaeda and allowed them to run camps (I'm assuming Dick Cheney was speaking for you). Al Qaeda despised the secular Hussein.

Hussein feared them as an enemy to his regime.You were certain of WMD's? They were not there.You promised the war would be paid for by Iraqi oil (I'm assuming Wolfowitz was speaking for you).

It has cost us 250 billion to date and climbing with no oil revenue in sight.You promised that we would be greeted as liberators. We were not.

They want us out.You continue to call Iraq the primary front in the battle of terrorism. While there are terrorists in Iraq (not there before our "pre-emption"), the number pales to the number of insurgents. This is no terrorist battleground.You tell us now that great progress has been made, that Iraq is not near civil war, that this is not the time to lose our resolve, and that the media's negative coverage is at the root of our growing impatience.Mr.

President, with all due respect, it is not the media, it is because you have been so wrong on so much for so long regarding this war. You have squandered your credibility.You mused today that you find it interesting that the notion of spreading liberty is losing its nobility. You can't understand why a policy to encourage others to be free is challenged; after all, and these are your exact words, "democracies don't war".

Oh really? You might want to ask the Iraqis about that. You can start by asking the families of the 35,000 killed or of the 100,000 injured if democracies don't war. Where in the world do you come up with this stuff?.

And just like Lyndon Baines Johnson, a democrat mind you, did when the Vietnam War realities were revealed to Americans on their TVs, you want to blame the mass media, which we all know is code for the mythical liberal media, as the culprit.Well in a way that is good news. It means your administration has finally reached the bottom of the fantasy barrel. After this ploy, reality will have to be dealt with.

Eventually, the last mantra you'll be able to rhetorically ask is: "Is Iraq better off without Saddam Hussein?" The truth is only time will tell. But regardless of the answer, if that is the only remaining reason for our pre-emption, he's gone right? He's been gone for some time now. He can't get any more goner, right?.So mission accomplished! Bring 'em home safely Mr.

President! They have done their job well.

.This article is written by humorist Robert Crane, normally a bit more funny but these are unfunny times lately.

For much more light fare, visit his popular website:.

By: Robert Crane


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