Massage How and Where to Touch Guide for Guys

Always use some kind of oil. Dry hands on skin don't feel good, especially if she has any pain in her back. Use a light oil and don't use too much. There are some good aromatherapy oils on the market, choose a musky or citrus scent, as these are the two most likely to coincide with natural human pheromones, most people either have a natural musk or citrus scent that can only be picked up subconsciously, and trigger an animal like response.

Flower scents don't work so well.Start at her head and work your way down. The earlobes are especially sensitive and should be massaged gently. However, they are also full of nerve endings, which make them feel erotic to the touch.

Gently tug.Moving down to the neck, use your palms to cover the entire back of her neck and again, gently squeeze and rub, make sure she knows to tell you if you are being too rough, often women won't say anything for fear of ruining the mood, even if they aren't having a good time. Use both hands to move in circles around the shoulder blade area, and one hand palm down flat on her back to massage the middle. The lower back usually has the tightest muscles, and can be the most painful, so if you're not a professional masseuse, be extremely gentle in this area.

She should be feeling pretty good by now, use a little more oil and work your way down massaging the buttocks and the thighs. It can get a little steamy here, let the evening end up as it should.If you get to her feet, spend some time on them, women pay big bucks for pedicures, and when she realizes how good it feels to have you do them, her girl at the mall may just be out of business.

The back of the knees are a well kept secret for erotica and massage, little kisses are just as good here as your fingertips.Low lights or candles lend to the romance for the evening; you can also add natural music, and the sounds of waves, rainforest, or the crash of a thunderstorm make for an especially romantic night. Massage and all the things that come with it will be sure to surprise and delight your lover, so take a little extra time to learn how to touch the right way which will give her the most relaxation and pleasure.For more information about lingerie please have a look at this link: Exotic Lingerie | Cheap Trashy Lingerie.

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