Many Catholic Priests Said to Have Homosexual Tendencies and Thoughts

Recently, I read on the Internet in an article that; Many Catholic Priests Are Said to Have Homosexual Tendencies and Thoughts. Well I suppose that makes sense, but how can we know for sure, I mean did this writer also have a PhD in mind reading? Give me a break? I suppose perhaps it makes sense knowing what we all know of all the child molestations by Catholic Priests and the cover-ups over the years for all the raping of children.This comment in the article was interesting indeed as it was a blanket statement; Many Catholic Priests Said to Have Homosexual Tendencies and Thoughts! Yes, I understand that to probably be the case, but what proof did the writer have? I mean how do we know that; "ALL" Catholic Priests Have Homosexual Tendencies and Thoughts or that "MOST" Catholic Priests Have Homosexual Tendencies and Thoughts?.As, I considered the implications of all this, it occurred to me that perhaps the writer knew more than he was telling so I looked up the writer's bio and found out he was a member of the Catholic Church and also found his name on Google as a supporter of the Gay and Lesbian Society in Boston MA.Then I thought, ah ha, he is looking into Priests as virgin exploits? Are you gay and looking for a virgin poop shoot? Perhaps this writer knows something you do not? Maybe he is absolutely correct and knows of many priests? So, when he says that; Many Catholic Priests Said to Have Homosexual Tendencies and Thoughts; well, I believe him now.

How about you? Consider this in 2006. By the way why are you Catholic?.

.Lance Winslow.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Lance Winslow


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