Manifesting with Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps are a simple and fun way to impress ideas in the form of images upon your subconscious mind. Subconscious mind loves to communicate through images and is very receptive to the symbolic language of images.In ancient times, before people used elaborate language to express what is on their minds, they used images. And perhaps you have seen images going way back in history where cave dwellers drew images of animals they desired to capture before they engaged in hunting.

Due to their effectiveness, treasure maps have been taught even by million and billion-dollar corporations in seminars to their sales-force. Some best selling authors have used treasure maps to turn their books into bestsellers. Many people have used treasure maps successfully as tools to create abundance, attract loving relationships, re-shape their bodies, and for many other purposes.

I've used them, among other things, to win my first jackpot.For best results, you should be in a "magical" state of mind while creating your treasure map. You can pretend that you are Merlin the Magician, or simply create your treasure map with an awareness and a feeling of being a creator of your reality. Imagine and feel yourself to be all powerful ? or at least powerful enough that you can create anything that will help you to live a fulfilling life. Imagine that nothing is impossible for you and that you are entitled to love, peace, health, prosperity and happiness.Working with treasure maps is a form of self-hypnosis, a form of prayer, if you like.

When you are creating a treasure map, the same principles apply as when you are working with any other form of hypnosis or prayer:.1. You must BELIEVE that what you are presenting on your treasure map is possible for you to have, even if you do not have any idea how is it going to come about. To BELIEVE means that you accept something as true for you in your FEELINGS.2. You must EXPECT this desired goal to manifest in your life.

You do not need to know how it will happen, but you must remain fully open to the possibility that if need be, the whole universe will rearrange itself to help you to experience this desire of your heart.The more feelings you invest in creating your treasure map, the more the images you choose to place on your treasure map have deep meaning for you, the more effectively will your treasure map work for you.Treasure maps can be as small or as large as you desire them to be. Some people place a collection of images portraying their outcome in a binder. Some people place images on a big piece of paper or on a board and stick them on the wall. The best place is somewhere where you will be able to see your treasure map just before you fall asleep and as soon as you wake up - while you are naturally in a deeper hypnotic trance state.

You can draw the images representing your outcome or you can cut them from magazines; you can search the Internet for images, and you can use the combination of all three. You can add a symbol for infinite power - whatever may be appropriate according to your belief system.The symbols you choose do not have to have any meaning for anyone else other than you. On the other hand, symbols which a lot of people have used to represent certain idea throughout history may have greater power because lots of people have invested their emotional energy into these symbols. When you use such symbols you then draw upon the energy already invested in such symbols. However, symbols which will work with the greatest effectiveness for you are those which are the most meaningful for you, those which stir your emotions in a positive way, giving you a feeling of personal empowerment.

You can also add few affirmations to your treasure map.One good affirmation to add is:."This or something better manifests for me now, for the good of all.

".If your treasure map contains images of other people who have achieved the outcomes you desire to experience in your life, you can add:."If they can, so can I".

If what you desire is "time-sensitive", i.e. you absolutely have to have the outcome by a certain date - you can add:."This or something better manifests for me on or before .

(add your deadline here), for the good of all".By the way, just creating a treasure map does not mean that you do not have to take any action. However if you are stuck and genuinely desire something that you do not have a clue how to get and there is truly nothing that you can do to bring that dream closer into your life - the way will open up for you.Treasure maps have several purposes - one is to help impress the desired outcome upon your subconscious mind; another is to keep you focused on your goal; and yet another one is particularly useful for people who have difficulty visualizing as it gives them an opportunity to "see" their goal the way it would look as already realized.Every day spend some time savoring your treasure map - engaging as many of your senses as possible and experiencing what it represents as if it were already manifested in your life. While you are engaged in this contemplation you can listen to some music that helps you to vividly experience this outcome as already realized for you in the present, or you can listen to subliminal recordings, and after that, you may proceed to listen to relevant hypnosis recordings.

While you can create a treasure map depicting your desired life-style and a balance in every area of your life, I also recommend working with one goal at a time and beginning with those that are either most urgent for you, or those that you consider to be the easiest to realize. Each success you experience, no matter how small, will conditions your subconscious mind with greater confidence in your ability to create whatever you desire with your mind and each time you work on a new goal it will be easier and easier for you to create what you desire and you will be able to create it faster and faster.


Laura De Giorgio is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. She has created hundreds of hypnosis, subliminal, supraliminal and supraliminal plus recordings in several languages. She also publishes a free inspiring, informative and motivational hypnosis newsletter designed to help you learn how to use your mind power successfully and offers many free hypnosis downloads at

By: Laura De Giorgio


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