LDS Dating from a Cultural Perspective

Well sought after today are LDS dating oppurtunities and if you are not familiar with the Latter Day Saint movement you might be unsure of what to expect as for cultural differences in relation to this.While of course as with most religions not everybody who calls themselves and LDS single necessarily adhers to strict practices and rituals, but to give you some idea we will here take a look at some of the culture and practices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints which is estimated to have around 12 million members worldwide today.In your LDS dating experience it might be likely that you are both commited to the culture of this movement, but if not then one good thing to know of is what is called the Word of Wisdom. It is a health code that LDS singles may or may not practice, which forbids alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee and illicit drugs. It also encourages you to take good care of your body by eating less meat and providigin yourself with healthy foods.

Possible practices you might encounter while LDS dating is also tithing, chastity, modesty in behavior and dress. It might also be the ritual of family home evenings where the family is encouraged to come together for prayer and other doings.On your date you might also discover that your company adhers to the fact that body piercings and tattoos are strongly discouraged.Members of the LDS Church are encouraged to marry and have children so the outcome of your LDS dating might be a larger than average family which is common.

If you are out looking for a one night stand whilst LDS dating it might also be good to know that all sexual activity outside of the marital framework is seriously considered a sin.If you are homosexual and wish to go do some LDS dating it might also be of interest that same-sex marriages are not carried out or even supported by the LDS church.There is also a culture of regularly visiting each others homes for study and for prayer. This might also be an important part to be aware of with your potential partner if you have different ways of looking at romance and relationship.Differences are all around, no matter if you are from the same religious background or not but hopefully this has give at least a platform to talk from in your LDS dating experience. It may not be the topic of the first date, but might be good to discuss for a mutually benefiting long term relationship.

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By: Kari Eriksson


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