Is Low Unemployment the Reason for Increased Illegal Immigration

Citizens and countrymen in United States of America probably do not realize it's a part of the increased illegal immigration problem is due to the very low unemployment that we are now experiencing in America. With unemployment figures as low as 4.7 percent the lowest in over two decades many American businesses are scrambling for labor. Therefore when someone shows up in the door willing to work they do something they normally would not do and that is to hire an illegal alien.

Additionally with low unemployment many people already have a job and are not looking for a job. If someone shows up with a Social Security card and it looks real or even a copy of one who is to say that it is not real? After all the little flimsy social security cards that the government hands out can be reproduced on any color copy machine or even in inkjet printer. Small-business owners should not have to be document checkers, as they have a business to run.Due to the number of jobs and the people [illegal aliens] willing to work it makes sense that they're going to find a way to get together.

And that is exactly what we have right now and it has brought the illegal immigration crossings up to an estimated 500,000 per quarter or over 2 million per year. We must fix our guest worker program, streamline our legal immigration procedures and enforce the law to prevent illegal aliens from coming to or sneaking across into America. Consider this in 2006.


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