Iran is Not Sending Insurgents Into Iraq and Will Not Attack Israel

Well, it looks as if the Iranian President is now using students to launch a psyche war campaign against the West. Their goal is more than obvious; to cause political chaos and divide the Western world and her allies. They are attempting to make their case in the court of public opinion and using Internet political forums and Internet Blogs to do this.Their campaign seems to be working well however they have misjudged the Will of the American people and although they make a case to use diplomatic means to solve the Iranian uranium enrichment nuclear weapons manufacturing problem issue; they are using misrepresentation and a psyche war Internet Campaign to do this. Hoping that the American people will not allow the United States of America to preemptively strike and prevent the Iranian leadership from building nuclear weapons and giving them to international terrorist organizations. Below is a comment by one of the psyche war contributors;.

"They [Iran] do not send anyone to Iraq to kill US Troops".Prove it. That is not the Intel I am getting. Iran kicked their dog; that is what I say.

Indeed, military intelligence knows for a fact that Iran is sending in insurgents into Iran, as well as weapons. It is amazing the amount of misinformation that the Iranian leadership is willing to purport and the number of people they are willing to hire to go on to the Internet and make false claims to help their political case in buying them more time to continue to enrich uranium to build weapons. The United States of America cannot let this happened and we must act. Considers in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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