From a Couch Potato to a Great in Bed

How long have you been passed your night just by pressing the remote buttons and changing channels? Have you stopped enjoying your sexual life? Are you turning to be a "sluggish in sex"? Do you fight over the remote instead of having sex in the bed room? Hey honey! Better look out for some sex with your spouse, the remote thing will not do any good for your health and relationship.Did you know that Americans are having less sex and lesser interesting sex just because of giant portions of high-salt and high-sugar foods? Food and sex, both are necessary for a happy and health human life and we should be enjoying both good sex and good food. But unfortunately, we are enjoying only one of them, if sex then no food, and if food then no sex! Lynn Edlen-Nezin, the writer of "Great Food, Great Sex" says that sexual problem may not always be caused by our mate; it may be lying on the plate, a pile of potatoes and a slab of meat, the American way, is not particularly appealing. It's like putting down food for the dog.

There is an urgent need of sexual vitality and performance and for that the body has to pump blood to the sexual organ, which is the mantra of Viagra, a synthetic way. But why should we opt for synthetic ways when we get the same effect just by changing our food habit?.High fat and cholesterol food are artery-clogging and so they hinder the blood flow to the sex organs and at the same time to the other parts of the body.

It not only decreases your sex drive and performance but makes you physically ill-proportioned and ill. And at the same time, a diet that is high in complex carbohydrates, antioxidants and fruits and vegetables will recharge your slow-moving sex drive. Eating foods from the three food areas, greens and beans, deeply colored fruits and vegetables and the protein foods are going to do the trick for you. This type of food helps in increasing sexual arousal in men and women because the fruits and vegetables help nitric oxide production while the antioxidants help to clear clogged and dysfunctional blood vessels, allowing the blood to flow to the right parts.Your sexual performance will be blighted up after a high-cholesterol rich meal.

That is why avoid heavy fat meals if you are planning a sexual session as a fat meal will slow down your blood flow. "Avoid ordering the burger and fries and opt for a fresh salad instead, for dessert, trade the pastries and cake for fresh berries with a scoop of ice cream" says the writers of "Great Food, Great Sex". It's about planning one day for good sex, but changing your food habit will make you vigorous and healthy and you need not think much on your food before sex.

As you will be confident enough if you own a good health, sexual drive and sexual strength will follow.When the world is going gaga about Viagra, you can just save your money by eating right way. Eat, have sex and enjoy life!!.


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By: Monalisa Hyden


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