Foreign Online AntiAmerican Interests Say US is Dead Due to High Oil Costs

The Iranian government is using bloggers to purport misinformation about the US economy and scare Americans into thinking America is weak. In fact they are going out of their way to use this psychological negativity to their advantage. Additionally they are attempting to attack the economy with high-oil prices, which is not working so now they are working on the consumer confidence levels with mis-information. Well so help me god, not if I can help it. Listen to this dribble;.Andy writes: "Fact #5.

The US defeat in Iraq has sapped the US military and bankrupted the economy. With the price of oil heading north of $75 a barrel, any "war" or flights of fantasy against a powerhouse like Iran will result in a global conflagration, which will ultimately ruin AmeriKKKa. The US has no friends left and no one s suicidal enough to join in this neo-crazy adventure.".

You must be kidding we are already at nearly $70.00 per barrel and the US economy is cooking along fine. In fact with a few adjustments in trade flows, we are good as gold as that money comes back to the safest economy in the world for investors, Additionally when the US economy sneezes the rest of the World catches a cold, so you better be careful we do not sneeze some of that polar breeze you way.Listen to your American Hate Speech.

"AmeriKKKa" what kind of a Bird Flu feces statement is that? You seem to call Iran a powerhouse, have you any idea or clue what the US Military has available to them. Hell there is stuff even I do not know about and Russia and Chinese tech is not close. Iran cannot win a 7-minute, 7 hour, 70 hour or 7-day war with the US. They know it we know it and the whole G-darn world knows it or should have known. Iran must be disgorged of their ill-gotten nuclear weaponry advances. Believe me my fellow American, not only is this the greatest nation in the World, nothing will stop us from making it even better.

Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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