District Attorneys Must Never Be Allowed to Hold Higher Political Offices

All too often district attorneys file cases and pursue cases or dismiss other cases based on political motivations as they wish to seek higher office for instance the Duke Rape Case. This is criminal and this is an abuse of power by district attorneys.We must give lie detector tests to district attorney's every year and we need to make sure that they are following the rules.

Additionally to prevent human nature from taking a hold of these politically motivated ambitious young district attorney's we must not allow them to ever hold office once they the district attorney's office.But they should be allowed to work in the sewer district or sanitation district of any large city or filthy area. If they truly believe in their job and they are not just doing it to get to a political higher office then they should be quite happy to work in the sewer departments and sanitation districts because they care about cleaning up our civilization from crime and debris.District attorneys must never be allowed to hold a higher office and they should know that those are the rules before they are put into that position.

That is fair for all concerned and if they are not interested in seeking a higher political office then they should be allowed to become district attorney.If they are interested in seeking a higher political office that is great but you cannot ever be a district attorney. As long as they do this advance it is fair for all concerned and it is right thing to do to maintain truth, justice and the American way. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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