Death in Dafur A Human Disaster

The killing in Dafur is nothing short of a human disaster says; Ted Chaiban, a Representative for UNICEF in Sudan. As if death and disease was not enough in Sudan with malnutrition, AIDS, malaria, yellow fever, dysentery and all the other horrific ways to die taking the life of children and adults alike, now people were being slaughtered by the thousands with machine-guns bought for $20 apiece.Is a matter-of-fact use the cheapest place a worldwide machine-gun and there is plenty of ammo to kill everyone, but this killing has to stop and surely the human race can do better than this in this modern era and present period.Many people have been crowded into refugee camps, but even with the incredible international relief efforts by so many organizations the job is nearly impossible and even the camps aren't safe. UNICEF has stated all their web site;."Throughout 2005, contributions from donors worldwide meant massive amounts of aid were delivered to the people of Darfur.

Investments were made to improve water and sanitation, to provide basic education, and to set up a transport and logistics system. And it has worked. A nutrition survey last September found that malnutrition levels were half what they had been the previous year. Children in the camps of Darfur are now fed well enough to play.

They are not drooping in the arms of equally emaciated parents. But they might again. Malnutrition rates, which plummeted in 2004 are now increasing at an alarming pace.

Progress that literally saved lives is in jeopardy of being reversed.".Indeed, it seems always hard work will go down the drain as these human beings are slaughtered by the thousands in some say the Sudan government is behind it; user population control at its worst? Why do they keep killing? So much effort has gone in to the area and the people in their starting to make headway; but others are simply starting another war or ethnic cleansing or you can call it what ever you want to, but they are murdering people by the thousands while the world stands bought it watches.

Consider this in 2006, is this the best you humans can do?.

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By: Lance Winslow


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