Cyclone Monica Really Sucks

Cyclone Monica is slamming the Northern Mid Coast of Australia and well Americans can certainly relate to large circular Hurricane or Typhoon like storms impacting civilization having just lived thru the greatest single season of such last year. The 2005 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season was the worst recorded Hurricane Season in the History of the United States of America.Cyclone Monica is indeed that level of storm and the cyclone is coming ashore at the City of Darwin in Australia. Their satellite photos are showing a major category storm with winds well in excess of 100 miles per hour and this is no little storm with gusts so far measured over 140 miles per hour. Cyclone Monica really sucks and she is a slow mover and she moves closer to the protruding landmass in Darwin Australia.

Indeed she will bring an explosion of much needed release of precipitation to the area, in fact this storm will move precipitation through out the continents/islands center. It is great to see water coming to the region, but this water is coming at a high price of high winds and serious storm surges. Everyone is watching and wonder how the City of Darwin will handle this scandalous Monica Cyclone, as she moves inward on the protruding landmass in Australia. Consider all this in 2006.

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