Cheap Dates Dont Mean Youre Cheap

Do you think that a cheap date makes you look cheap? Most of us don't associate cheap as being a good thing. But cheap dates are a great idea beyond saving you money. It takes talent to come up with a wonderful date that is low cost or free.The challenge is to plan ahead for fun, interesting, cheap things to do.

In order to have a cheap date, you will have to engage the person in a joint project and this is a sure fire way to build a friendship or to fall in love. The reason for that is, you are going to have to talk to each other.Here are some cheap dates that won't make you look cheap:.Disposable cameras.It doesn't matter what you are doing, from running errands to going to the grocery store, take your date with you and take pictures of each other.

When you get them developed, put them in a scrap book together. Use your creativity to come up with some captions, such as "Here is Mary smelling the roses at the store." "Here is Mary sneezing from the roses at the store.

".Public Libraries.Libraries are not only great, free resources for learning, they make a great cheap date. Choose a subject before you get there, such as your favorite author.

The trick to this date is that you cannot talk to each other. Shhhh. This is the library. You can write notes, and you can talk to the librarian seeking sources for your information, but you and your date cannot communicate verbally. When you have gathered your information, head to a coffee shop, share a Latte, and talk your heads off.Go fishing.

Fishing is a great date. Depending on your state, you may need a license. But borrow your equipment from a friend before you try this hobby to see if you truly enjoy it. Stop at a fish and tackle shop and ask them how to use it and where the best places are to fish. Fishing is a patient sport.

It takes time and quiet and perseverance. These are all good qualities to have and you will get to see if your date has them.Cheap dates don't make you cheap. They make you romantic, creative, imaginative, and the best date anyone ever had.


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By: Tonja Weimer


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