Buddha Says the USA Cannot Defeat International Terrorism WTF

A young and na´ve man going by the screen name of Buddha posted as a guest in an online think tank that he believed that the United States of America was weak and would never win the war on Terrorism. He cited the Vietnam War and the Determination of the International Murderous Terrorists. Rather than delete his remarks, a couple of think tank members decided to speak out.

You see, indeed but this Buddha fellow seems to think that those he calls determined are somehow righteous. They are murderous thugs, the worst of humanity, blowing up buses, trains, planes, buildings and innocent life under the name of their God or some insane rendition or pathetic interpretation of it. He has the balls to call himself Buddha and thinks that this is okay, because? They are determined criminal murderous?.And that the World and the United States of America who took out the NAZI Army and Hitler are going to back down now? Now that our Military is 15 times larger and 1000 times more advanced able to hit targets with laser beams and precision guided ordinance that would have taken five nights of B-17 raids with 50 aircraft each flight? Screw that, I am not going to allow anyone to challenge our determination or our nations resolve like that. Not even Buddha himself.

I am sorry it is the will and determination, which built this great nation and has been providing the world with the ability to further propel mankind. No one may diminish the United States of America and we have every right to use our entire will power and determination to destroy anything, which threatens our country or our allies. I hope all peoples of the world will consider this in 2006.

."Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board.

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By: Lance Winslow


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