Academic Campuses and Free Thought

Is there really free thought in America's Colleges and Universities? Well of course not as they are merely institutions of brain washing you see. Too harsh you are thinking? But it is the truth and consider that the liberal bias is so great you cannot say that a Chinese Person is not a good driver or that a Black Person is not a better genetically superior athlete? Why not, the results are in folks how can you debate the truth and evidence?.Well in Academia they work so hard to keep such labels out of their schools, yet preach that they do everything by academic standards and study all data sets with only reality based scientific method? Well that is utter hokum too. Academia often is funded by groups who make sure that any research done looks at the data selectively and the University if it wants next years funding had better consider that notion or lose that funding; so much for the budget?.True free thought would be without such blinders on perspective based linear thought you see? So often University Professors are silly in that their argument is that we are not seeing it from their perspective, that is nonsense.

We all see what they are doing and one would suppose that is human nature, but this high road to integrity they speak of is just smoke and mirrors. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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