A Deadly But Curable Disease on the Rise

If you knew someone who was diagnosed with cancer and chose not to do anything about it because everything else was normal had decided not to get treatment, what would you do? If they argued that they were fine otherwise and just didn't see the need to get help, how would you feel? Would you try and talk to them and make them see the seriousness of this? Would you ask if they realized they would eventually die without treatment?.The answer to this is yes of course. We would not sit back and watch someone we loved kill themselves needlessly. We would take a stand. Perhaps they weren't aware of the facts.

It's funny how we can let our loved ones die of a different disease.sin. This disease may not affect us physically but it does kill nonetheless.If someone said they didn't need to be saved to go to heaven because they were a good person, would you just let it go at that? If you do, their blood will be on your hands one day. It's our job as Christians to make others aware of this deadly mistake. Don't let someone be ignorant to the fact that their "good deeds" just won't cut it with God.

They are deceiving themselves if they actually believe that.Also, if you know someone who just doesn't see themselves as a sinner is only fooling themselves. It's fact that we all are sinners, some more than others, but sinners nonetheless. God doesn't weigh them out on the scales. To Him, sin is sin. We have all lied, we have all taken something that didn't belong to us at one time or another.

We have all been jealous, we have all been an idolater by serving something other than God. Many times it is us! How many of us have commited sin by not keeping the Sabbath holy? If anyone says they are perfect, they are lying. There was only one perfect man who ever walked among us and He was the Son of God.

If we claim to be perfect, we are a liar. If we have ever spoken unkindly and hurt someone we are murders in God's eyes. It's a different kind of death, it's spiritual but a murder all the same. Now, can you say you are not a sinner?.Again, I've heard some people say that they aren't ready to be saved as if they are in charge of that too. Frankly, that is not up to us, it's up to God.

Why do we feel so important to take these matters into our own hands? But the first step to being chosen by God is to admit that we are a sinner. We need to see ourselves as diseased and ask for a cure from God. This is the first step. God then gives us His cure of GRACE. He knows that faith without works and works without faith can not work by themselves. Faith and works must operate together.

If you know a "good deed" doer who isn't saved, don't let another day go by without telling them that their "good works" will NOT get them into heaven. Help them realize they are STILL a sinner and need a cure.Paul the apostle recognized the seriousness of his disease after he met Jesus face to face on the road to Damascus. It was here that he realized he needed a Savior and asked Christ what it was He desired of him.

This is where we need to begin our faith walk too. We need to recognize that we need to do something for Christ because after all, he died for us. After this meeting Paul was blind, literally but once he got his sight back, it was his goal to save as many souls as he could. Christ doesn't want us to remain blind either. When we meet Him, we get our sight back too. How well are you seeing things today?.

In his letter to the Romans, Paul spared no feelings because he knew that wouldn't convict anyone. He wrote with a passion for their souls by saying this;."As it is written, none is righteous, just and truthful and upright and conscientious, no, not one." Rom.

3:10.He understood their mistakes when he continued in the 18th verse by saying this;."No one understands (no one intelligently discerns or comprehends); no one seeks out God. All have turned aside; together they have gone wrong and have become unprofitable and worthless; no one does right, not even one!" Rom.

3:18.Read on in his letter to see just how much people sinned in the sight of the Lord. We are still the same kind of people today. Our society is so tolerable now of what people do that we are killing them with kindness! We can't afford to be that kind much longer. It's time to correct the deception and stop the deadly disease of sin. Paul writes in Rom.

3:23 that we are ALL sinners, we ALL fall short of the honor and glory that only God can give. He gives it to us today in the same fashion as he did thousands of years ago. God never changes His game plan, He's the same today, yesterday and forever more. I know because it's in His Word. We are the ones who change with the wind. We run after our self gratifications in the world.

He also told the Romans that the only ones deserving of God's grace were the ones who confessed their sins and believed in Christ Jesus through their faith."But now the righteousness of God has been revealed independently and altogether apart from the Law, although actually it is attested by the Law and the Prophets. Namely, the righteousness of God which comes by BELIEVING with personal trust and confident reliance on Jesus Christ for all who BELIEVE. For there is no distinction. All are justified and made upright and in right standing with God, freely and gratuitously by His grace as a mercy seat for propitiation by His blood through FAITH.

This was to show God's righteousness, because in His divine forbearance He had passed over and ignored former sins without punishment.".God's grace is imparted through our faith.

We must first believe in order to channel this faith in order to receive God's free grace. Simply said, "you must believe in order to receive." Christ serves as a conduit in our prayer life.

If we don't have Him as our connection, how can we ever hope that God will hear us? It's like not paying your phone bill and expecting to be able to call out. It won't happen. Make sure you have paid your prayer bill today.God will give His grace to everyone who believes.

God doesn't reserve this gift just for those He feels deserves it. No, on the contrary, no matter how bad or trivial your sins are, EVERYONE is available to receive God's grace and mercy for salvation. if only they admit their sins and believe that Christ died to save them.

His grace is attained through justification. Rom. 3:24 says that justification is to be made upright and in right standing with God.

Many people say it means, "just as if" they had never sinned. All sins once they are confessed are forgiven and forgotten. But there is one thing we must never forget, we have all sinned but God considers them forgotten. We have to forget the sins too, but not the fact that we once did them.

God's grace is given freely. He doesn't reserve this gift for just certain people. Again, it's freely given to ANYONE who confesses their sins and believes in Christ, no matter what they did. Paul says in Rom. 3:24 that it's freely received. We may have a hard time believing that because we were taught that nothing is free.

We have been taught that we must work to gain anything. But, not so with God. We can't mistake His free gift for our acts of "good works". We simply can't buy our way into heaven with works or deeds, no matter how wonderful they are.God's grace is required through redemption. Again Paul says in Rom.

3:23 that only through REDEMPTION of Christ can a person receive God's grace and mercy. Jesus bought us back from the devil who had us in slavery. Have you been freed yet?.God's grace is acquired through propitiation.

When God sees the blood He said He would pass over you. Unless you're covered in the blood of Christ, God will see that your end is death just as He did with all the first born male babies in Egypt. Get covered today!.So, by ourselves we are useless in our own salvation. Don't ever hold back in thinking that God can't save you because of the things you have done.

Don't ever under estimate His power because He can save the worst sinner, He can certainly save you too.If you are still unclaimed in the blood of Christ and want to be born again, you must:.1. Admit that you are a sinner.2. Confess it with your mouth.

3. Believe that Christ died and was raised from the dead to give you salvation. He bought back your sins.

This is the only price that God would accept.Once you have done these things, you will hear God gently knock at your door and then you can answer it in order to receive His free gift of grace. All you have to do then is reach out and take it.This gift will increase in strength and power through reading His Word, learning it, meditating on it day and night and then applying it to your everyday life. By doing this you will develop a personal relationship with God and your prayers will not only be heard, but answered right on time.Don't let another precious day go by without addressing the cure for your disease.

Don't become another statistic in the wages of sin which is death.God is always on time, no matter how long it takes.

.Vivian Gordon is led by the Holy Spirit to reach out and give the Christian and non Christian alike something to think about in their own lives. These articles are meant to edify the reader and bring them deeper.

They are based on spirituality, inspiration, and today's morals and how we need to get back to basics.

By: Vivian Gordon


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